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On the Indonesian island Lombok there are many beautiful waterfalls to explore. One of the most interesting ones is certainly the “Tiu Teja” in the north of the island, not far away from the village Santong.

A trip to the Tiu Teja waterfall in Lombok

At a certain daytime, when the sun shines into the waterfall, you can even see a rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall. This makes the Tiu Teja even more worth visiting.

Rainbow at the Tiu Teja waterfall

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How to get there?

The village Santong is located at the edge of the Rinjani National Park in the northeast of Senggigi. From there you can reach it approximately within one hour by car. We definitely recommend you to book a tour at a tourist office with a driver and guide – at least if you wanna go there for the first time. Or gladly ask my friend Ojan, who is from Santong village and knows the area like nobody else. 😉

From Santong there is a more or less steep path (partly even concreted) that directly leads into the jungle. From here you simply follow this very trail until you arrive after 20-25 minutes at a stairway that will lead you down to the waterfall. Some crazy locals also use their motorbikes to get here and they would even give you a ride for a small tip. 😀

Along the way you can even find Cacao trees and many other exotic plants. Also you can sometimes encounter wild monkeys hanging around in the trees. By the way, Sekeper is another waterfall that you can visit when you follow the “jungle street” straight ahead.

Across the jungle to the Tiu Teja waterfall

Cacao tree along the way to the Tiu Teja waterfall
Along the way you can find plenty of Cacao trees…
Bamboo trees along the way to the Tiu Teja waterfall
…as well as Bamboo trees

The last part of the way to the waterfall might get quite exhausting because of the stairways that are partly very steep. But after 10 more minutes you’re almost there and from the far distance you can already hear the sound of the Tiu Teja.

Marcel on the way to the Tiu Teja waterfall, Lombok

At the waterfall

Finally, after the (little) torture of climbing the stairs, you’ll get rewarded with the following view… 😉

Tiu Teja waterfall, Lombok

Tiu Teja waterfall, Lombok

Tobi at the Tiu Teja waterfall, Lombok

As mentioned before, the waterfall is famous for its rainbow that occurs at the bottom because of the sunlight (by the way, in the language of Lombok’s inhabitants, Sasak, “Teja” actually means rainbow). If you wanna see it by all means, you should go there in the early afternoon and just hope that there won’t be any clouds in the sky.

But even without the rainbow, the waterfall is a sight to see and absolutely a highlight, especially if you dare to go into the fresh and ice-cold water. 😉 Anyway, there are usually not many people around here, so you can be almost sure to have the waterfall only for yourself.

Rainbow at the Tiu Teja waterfall

On the way back in Santong, we encountered one of the plenty Sasak wedding parades that you should absolutely see on Lombok. Unfortunately, without the traditional “Gendang Beleq” musicians, but more modern style with a mobile sound system. It was still interesting anyway. In the village they probably don’t see tourists that often, so suddenly we became the highlight in the crowd. 😀

Wedding parade in the village Santong, Lombok
Wedding parade in the village Santong, Lombok

Wedding parade in the village Santong, Lombok

More waterfalls in the north of Lombok that you should see are by the way Tiu Kelep or Sindang Gila. These are a little bit more famous than the Tiu Teja because of their location near Senaru, which is a starting point for the Rinjani trekking.

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