15 things you should see on Lombok

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Lombok – an island east of Bali, but less famous than its neighbor. While every year millions of tourists are attracted to Bali, many places on Lombok are still untouched. Over here mass tourism is still unknown.

Lombok offers many empty and often isolated dream beaches, friendly and interesting people, tasty food and fantastic nature. This year, after a stay of more than two months, Lombok and the Gili islands became my personal favorites – at least so far.

In this article you will find a few must-sees on Lombok.

Lombok: 15 fascinating sights you shouldn’t miss

The Gili islands

3 paradise islands – which seem tiny compared to Lombok – are located only 20 minutes away by boat: Gili Trawangan, the main island, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

The Gilis are very popular for scuba diving and snorkeling but also for relaxing, swimming and partying. Backpackers and tourists visit especially Gili Trawangan often. Over here you can feel the lively reggae-ganja-magic-mushroom-vibe. 😉 The Gili islands are a MUST!!!

View on Lombok from Gili Trawangan
View on Lombok from Gili Trawangan

You can also discover the colorful underwater world of the Gilis by snorkeling on a day trip from Lombok. With a little bit of luck, you can even spot turtles.

Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia
Gili Trawangan
Gili Meno, Lombok, Indonesia
Gili Meno

Mount Rinjani

The second highest volcano of Indonesia is definitely one of THE highlights of Lombok! You can book multi-day, guided tours to the Crater Lake and even to the top at all touristy spots. The pictures speak for themselves…

Trail to the Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia
Trail to the Mount Rinjani
Crater lake "Segara Anak", Mount Rinjani, Lombok
Crater lake “Segara Anak”
Peak of the Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia
On the peak of the Rinjani


Most tourists arrive in Senggigi because many hotels are located over here. It’s also great for going out at night or eating. One of the most popular surf spots for locals and tourists alike is Senggigi Beach.

At this beach the vendors and locals aren’t pushy at all but you can have a nice small talk if you like (mainly about football since Indonesians love football).

Senggigi Beach, Lombok, Indonesia
Senggigi Beach
View on Senggigi Bay and Senggigi Beach, Lombok
View on Senggigi Bay and Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Reef, Lombok, Indonesia

From Senggigi to Pemenang

To explore this road next to the coast it is best to use a scooter, which you can rent for example in Senggigi. One of the highlights is the viewpoint at Malimbu Hill 1 and 2. It offers a marvelous view over Malimbu and Nipah Beach and the 3 Gili Islands. Check out the other view points and beaches that you can find on this way as well since they are worth seeing, too.

If you leave Lombok with the public boats to the Gili Islands and would take a taxi from the airport or from Lembar (where the public ferry from Bali arrives) you will probably use the very same road (or you tell the taxi driver your preferred route) since this road goes directly to Bangsal, where public boats are leaving.

Setangi Beach, Lombok
Setangi Beach
View from Malimbu Hill at the Gili Islands, Lombok
View from Malimbu Hill at the Gili Islands

Pusuk Monkey Forest

Taking a winding road through a breathtaking mountain landscape is the second option to get to Bangsal. It’s were you find the so-called monkey forest, named after the numerous wild monkeys in the jungle and near the street. Feed the hungry and annoying little bastards at the view points if you like.

But be careful and look for your bags, backpacks and such. You can go there by scooter as well, but always “Hati Hati”, like the Indonesian says.

Monkey Forest, Lombok, Indonesia

If you don’t want to explore Lombok on your own with a scooter, you can also visit the Malimbu Hill viewpoints and the Monkey Forest on a guided day tour.


After Senggigi, Kuta is probably the second tourist hotspot on Lombok. It offers beautiful beaches as well and lots of accommodations and restaurants.

From here you can explore the dream beaches of Mawun, Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak since they are very close by (see below). Even Kuta Beach itself is worth a look.

View over Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia
View over Kuta

Mawun Beach

Now I will introduce you some of my favorite beaches of Lombok. One if them is Mawun.

Depending on the weekday and the time of the day, this beach with its soft white sand and turquoise water is still mostly deserted. Sometimes the waves are heavier over here. The beach is secluded and located west of Kuta in an almost enclosed bay, which you can easily reach with your scooter as well.

Mawun Beach, Lombok, Indonesia

Mawun Beach, Lombok, Indonesia

Selong Belanak and viewpoint

I believe I rarely saw such a wide and shallow beach like Selong Belanak somewhere else. You can perfectly surf or swim at this long beach.

I strongly recommend taking a look at the near viewpoint overlooking the beach and the bay. It’s located a bit north of Selong Belanak Beach. It’s still an insiders’ tip and you shouldn’t miss it when you do a scooter tour.

Selong Belanak, Lombok, Indonesia

Selong Belanak, Lombok, Indonesia

Panorama view over Selong Belanak and the surrounding area, Lombok
Panorama view over Selong Belanak and the surrounding area

Tanjung Aan

Turquoise sea and white sand, the way I love it! Even here you can climb a rock to enjoy a breathtaking view over the two bays and beaches of Aan. A must-see!

Tanjung Aan, Lombok, Indonesia

Tanjung Aan, Lombok, Indonesia

Pink Beach

It’s not really an insiders’ tip anymore, but still worth a visit! The drive is quite difficult since in my opinion the streets on the Ekas Peninsula (where the Pink Beach is located) cannot be called streets anymore. At least they are being improved bit by bit every year. If you actually make it there, you will be rewarded with a desolate quiet beach. It is called after its pink sand that consists out of coral.

The view from the near viewpoint is marvelous as well and the also worth seeing cliffs of Tanjung Ringgit are situated close by.

Pink Beach, Lombok, Indonesia

View at the Pink Beach during low tide, Lombok, Indonesia
View at the Pink Beach during low tide

Mosques and Hindu temples

In contrast to Bali, Lombok and the rest of Indonesia are mainly Muslim. That is why you can see and especially hear mosques everywhere. If you book your accommodation in advance, you should inform yourself if it’s closely located to a mosque. Especially around Ramadan it could become very noisy.

Islamic Center in Mataram, Lombok
Islamic Center in Mataram

The Balinese minority on Lombok got its temples like Pura Meru, Pura Lingsar, Pura Narmada or Pura Batu Bolong as well. 2 true insiders’ tips are Pura Gunung Sari north of Mataram and Pura Suranadi.

Most of them are located at the western part of the island in and around Mataram/Cakranegara or Senggigi.

Pura Suranadi, Lombok, Indonesia
Pura Suranadi


Lombok got numerous waterfalls, mostly in the northern part of the island. Among others, there would be Tiu Teja, Tiu Kelep or Sendang Gile. In the center of Lombok you will find a few decent ones as well, for example the Benang Kelambu, Benang Stokel or Jeruk Manis near Tetebatu.

There is no fresher water than this! Drink it, swim or just let the ice cold water hail down your back – superb!

Benang Kelambu, Lombok, Indonesia
Benang Kelambu

The visit of the Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile waterfalls are great to combine, even with an organized tour.

Sasak culture

The Sasak are the indigenous people of this island, which today make about 85% of the total population of Lombok. Their culture is fascinating and as a visitor you definitely need to experience it.

Their food known for its spiciness, their handicraft, their music and dances, the typical Sasak houses or a Sasak wedding with (extreme loud) street parade with “Gendang Beleq” musicians you need to experience. There are plenty wedding parades on Lombok, especially on the weekends. Must-see!

By the way, many of the Lombok natives still speak the Sasak language, especially the older. But everyone speaks and understands the official language Bahasa Indonesia. English only helps in tourist spots, which makes a guided tour a great option to get to know the Sasak culture.

Sasak village in Sade, Lombok
Sasak village in Sade (near Kuta)
Traditional Sasak wedding on Lombok
Traditional Sasak wedding
Gendang Beleq, Lombok
Gendang Beleq

Traditional markets

The markets are typical Asian with fresh veggies, spices, fish and so much more.

I recommend the traditional market in Ampenan. Every now and then locals look in astonishment at a “Bule” (westerner) since they don’t come often over here. There is no cheaper or fresher place to do food shopping even though as a “Bule” you should consider paying more than a local. It is of advantage to speak a little Indonesian.

For stuff like clothes, jewelry or other souvenirs you should visit the Cakranegara Market (Pasar Cakranegara) in Mataram.

Traditional market in Ampenan, Lombok, Indonesia
Traditional market in Ampenan “Kebon Roek”

Mataram, Ampenan and Cakranegara

Counting around 420.000 inhabitants, Mataram is the capital of Lombok and the province Nusa Tenggara Barat.

Close by you find places like Ampenan where you can still find some old Dutch colonial style buildings. In the district Cakranegara (short: “Cakra”) are a few lovely Balinese temples and the Mataram Mall with its numerous shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants as well as fast food chains on different levels.

Even bigger and more modern is the recently built Lombok Epicentrum mall at the main street Sriwijaya.

Ampenan Old Town, Lombok, Indonesia
Ampenan Old Town (Kota Tua)

Hotels on Lombok – our recommendations

In Lombok’s tourist areas there are numerous hotels from affordable to luxury. Especially in Senggigi and its environs there are some recommendable hotels. If you’re still looking for an accommodation, I chose here 4 hotels/homestays that I certainly can recommend you.

Kebun Villas & Resort (Senggigi)

Kebun Villas & Resort, Lombok

Kebun Villas & Resort, which is nestled in a gorgeous green hill landscape that is very quiet and isolated, offers different room types. Whether for couples, friends or families, the mid-range price segment rooms are all well-equipped and next to the longest infinity pool of Lombok. Although the hotel is not directly at the beach, the amazing view at the surroundings and the quiet atmosphere definitely make compensation for it. Very recommendable! Book Book

Qunci Villas (Mangsit/Senggigi)

Qunci Villas, Lombok

If you want to enjoy some luxury on Lombok, the Qunci Villas is certainly the right choice for you! The stay here is truly worth every penny and I really felt well here. The rooms are artfully and stylishly furnished and obviously offer everything you need. The hotel complex is located at the dream beach Mangsit Beach and offers 3 swimming pools and several restaurants with the best choice of food I ever had in a hotel. More information you can find in our review. Book Book

Jo-Je Boutique and Bungalows (Senggigi)

Jo-Je Boutique and Bungalows, Lombok

The bungalows (different categories) are located within small and well-kept gardens where you can also find a swimming pool. Although the bungalow complex is near the main street and a little bit outside of Senggigi, it is also next to a very calm beach with a dreamlike sunset and view on the Batu Bolong temple. If you want to go to Senggigi you can easily combine that with a walk along the beach. The breakfast is also very delicious and the staff friendly and helpful. Book Book

Banyu Urip Homestay (Kuta)

Banyu Urip Homestay, Lombok

Here’s a recommendation for Kuta. This low-budget accommodation is located in the center of town and therefore has a very good situation. Kuta Beach is only a couple of minutes away and directly next to the Banyu Urip there is a small convenience store where you can buy everything you need. Also restaurants are near. The rooms are simple but clean and have WiFi, TV and AirCon. Especially the super friendly staff is mentionable. Book Book

Have you already been to Lombok? Which sight or beach did you like most? Do you even have more tips? Let us know straightaway!

Photo 1 Tanjung Aan: Dhanny Surya – Terima kasih!
Photo Mount Rinjani 1: Trekking Rinjani/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) – Photo Mount Rinjani 2: Trekking Rinjani/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) – Photo Mount Rinjani 3: Trekking Rinjani/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) – Photo Sasak wedding: wiendietry/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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  1. HI Marcel,
    I would like to check how much the cost by taxi from Lombok airport to Qunci villas hotel? This is my 1st time travel to Lombok, kindly advise me some good food and attractions please.

  2. This is such great information. I lived in Lombok for 10 years and moved to WA for my education but I visit every 6 months and all the information is pretty spot on. 🙂

  3. What an awe-inspiring information!
    I got other beautiful destinations in Lombok for your references. Located in south-west named Sekotong. I bet you have heard this one. It has stunning gilis as well as in the north side. Numerous beautiful small islands on turquoise sea and the it is known as GITANADA, which is abbreviated from Gili Tangkong, Gili Nanggu and Gili Sudak. Keep up the good work!

    I’ll see you in Lombok someday!

  4. Hello Marcel ! Can you please recommend the best beaches in Lombok with best snorkeling spots? Are there daily trips for snorkeling? Thank you.

  5. Hi Marcel,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this for others to benefit from.

    I was thinking of taking my wife to Lombok around august this year. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on where to stay based on the following:

    – Quite, not crowded with tourists kind of area
    – Beach close by
    – Hotel with private pool for just the wife and I
    – Things to do and places to visit not too far away

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Tolga,

      Some quiet areas would be north of Senggigi. Near the Sire peninsula there are a couple of beautiful upper class hotels that surely have a pool/villas with private pool. Beaches are close by and the area is still very undeveloped compared to Senggigi.

      Another quiet spot on Lombok is Sekotong. There are still very few tourists and it’s very beautiful there. Also you can find some good hotels (for example Cocotinos), however there’s not a big choice. The highlight are the nearby islands like Gili Nanggu etc. that you can visit.

      I hope this is a little bit helpful for you. If you have questions about specific areas of Lombok, feel free to ask or visit our Lombok articles.


      1. Thanks so much Marcel.

        I’ve been keeping my eye on this resort called SVARGA, http://www.svargaresort.com/en/ have you any knowledge on it?

        Is it considered the north of Senggigi?

        I just don’t want to be in some kind of central hub of tourists during my stay there and no loud beach parties near by.

        Thanks again in advance 🙂

  6. Hi Marcel!
    It is really a great article about Lombok 😀
    I live in Indonesia, I give my up vote for yours. But do you have article about exotic waterfall in lombok? like benang kelambu and others?


    Abu Nabil Lombok

  7. Thanks for reviewing lombok island.. I think one day lombok will more famous than bali itself.. the place is more beautiful day to day..


  8. Hi Marcel, I’m planning to travel to Lombok with 3D3N on the Gilis & 3D2N on the main Lombok. Between the 3 Gilis, I.e. T, Meno & Air, which one would you suggest?

    1. Hi Diyana,

      It’s hard to suggest any of these 3 Gilis because it’s always depending on what you want to do and what you prefer. Do you wanna enjoy calm beaches with your partner or do you wanna go out in the night? My personal favorite Gili Island is Gili Meno as it’s still not too crowded comparing to Gili Trawangan.

  9. Thanks for this post, Marcel!
    I am planning to travel to Lombok in January and have a question regarding the wet season.
    Is the weather mostly cloudy or would I catch some sunshine during the day as well?

    Thanks in advance,


  10. Hi marcel, me n one of my friend are going to lombok on 26dec till 3rd of Jan. Will spend 3d2n in gili t, 1 night in meno and the rest in lombok. I’m not worry when I’m in gili t as they are tourist friendly but when it comes to lombok I’m kinda worry . Yeah. Probably a bit.

    We would like to rent a scooter and to round island in 6 days 5 night. Is that possible? As I would love to explore the northern and southern side of lombok. And all the beaches and waterfall.

    As I saw a lot of articles said that the route in lombok is quite underdevelop. And some of the waterfall locate deep inside.

    I would like to know is it possible to round is land by a scooter and can we ask around if we are lost? And is the direction listed on signboard or have to depends on mobile map instead.

    Hope to get some recommendations from you as I would like to visit nice beaches, waterfalls, views, cultural stuff….etc etc

    Hope to heard from you. Much appreciated??

    1. Hi Cherlyn,

      Don’t worry, Lombok is also very tourist friendly and most people are nice 🙂

      Yes you can rent a scooter and go around almost everywhere on the island. Don’t worry about getting lost, you can just buy a SIM card before and use Google Maps while driving around. Even most waterfalls you can find on Google Maps so just navigate there. Also, many places are signposted so just follow the signs.

      Lombok is not underdeveloped at all, at least the west of Lombok. And IF you get lost (will most probably not happen), just ask some young people as they are more likely to speak English than older people.


  11. Hi Marcel! How are you doing… it’s good to read your view about Lombok. I’m thinking to travel with my kids maybe for 3 days and 2 nights. So which places will you recommended to stay and to visit. I’d love to stay in hotel or resort. Oh how is the weather in November and December? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Yanti,

      Apologies for the late reply. Well, you could basically stay anywhere with kids but maybe the west coast would be a better choice for you as there are many nice hotels, resorts and restaurants in Senggigi area. If you want to let your kids swim in the ocean, always watch them as currents might be partially stronger at Senggigi Beach.

      Regarding the weather, kindly find more information here in our article about best time to visit Bali & Lombok.


  12. I am trying to get people to urgently discontinue the abuse of ponies on the Gili Islands. I am currently residing in Gili Air. The daily abuse these ponies face is horrendous, and quite frankly an embarrasment to Indonesia as a country and as a people. This abuse has made me decide on never to visit again, and I am urging al my friends, family and business associates to do the same. I don’t even want to go into detail about the abuse, since you can look it up and see for yourself but be well aware of it! These ponies get beaten, tortured, don’t get drinking water, are wounded and serverely dehydrated, and collapse after one or two years (normal lifespan is 25!!!) I got the feeling no one cares so I am trying to raise awareness this way. I will do everything in my power to make sure that there will be no people that I know who will visit these islands, and I hope many will follow my lead until this abuse stops!

    1. Thank you for writing this and doing the work for these horses 🙏 I am just on the Way to the gilis with my daughter and now we are for sure not using the Carts. Thank you again❤️

  13. i love to go there its really ideal place for holidays with family .This is a great opportunity to look into the lives of the local people and admire their diverse lifestyles.

  14. Speaking of Lombok’s treasure, we should not get rid of Gili Air from the list, as the small island has long become one of the greatest spot tourists should visit when they spend the holiday in Lombok. see more look at http://www.dwohoo.com in 360 view.. 😀
    Located near Lombok

  15. Hi Marcel,

    My name is Ping from Agoda. We are doing an article on Indonesia destinations to be published on our newsletter this July to be sent to over a million users and would like to use your photos of Lombok to feature in the article. We will credit the picture to either your blog or instagram as you prefer.

    Do let me know of your permission and looking forward to hear your positive response.

  16. Hi Marcel,

    My soon-to-be wife and I will be heading to Bali and the surrounding islands for our honeymoon from Oct 26 till Nov 11th. We know it’s the rainy season, and we have done a fair bit of planning already, but are there any tips and/or “must-see” things for our dates?



  17. I want to submit to rinjani, any suggestion for potter ? my planing on this year with my friend. And want to visit Mawun Beach for hooney moon 🙂

  18. I love lombok. In addition to a beautiful tourist spot. Lombok has a very delicious meal and have a very strong culture

    1. Hi dony,
      Lombok has mountain and hills to treks, gilis patagan, kondo, kapal, bidara, kenawa island in east lombok by lombokarfatour serving hotels, east lombok tours, trekking, surfing, lombok airport transfer.

  19. Lombok Is My Favorite Place. Lombok also had a very tasty meal and I liked the satay tanjung. “Jangan ke lombok, nanti gak mau pulang” many people mention that phrase to a traveler because of their beautiful island of Lombok

  20. Hi ,I was wondering any activities we can do during wet season.i will traveling to gili island on 14-18 dec.do you mind to share some of your experiences and hope to get some advise from you.thanks

    1. Hi kai
      Some waterfall for healing in east lombok is worthly visited in rainy season. They are otak kokok, jeruk manis, pancor kopong by lombokarfatour serving airpot transfer, hotels, tours, trekking, surfing, drivers, car rental with drivers, scooter tours in lombok.

  21. Hi Marcel, I am planning a trip to Bali coming Apr (1st thr 9th). We are family of 6 people 4 adults and 2 kids. I have 7 days to spend in Bali and near by places. Prefer to relax and enjoy most of the time with kids and scenic beauty. If i have time would love to do snorkeling or diving. Hate to be on road most of the time. Can you please suggest some nice places which we can be and if possible advice on the hotels / villas where we can stay please.

    1. Lombok now has been developing into new tourism destination. You may visit Gili island, trekking, some vila could be found in Senggigi.

    1. Hi Marcelle,

      There is NO hotel near Rinjani area (it’s a national park). The nearest good hotels with a good view are in Senaru, like the Rinjani Lodge for example. You can only see the volcano from afar and you will never see the crater. This is only possible by hiking.

      To have a nice view at the Rinjani mountain, you can also go to Tetebatu village. But it’s still quite far away though.


    2. Hi there,

      I would like to ask which is the best months to visit Lombok. I love snorkeling, waterfalls, hiking, and more to adventures outdoor activities. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! cheers 🙂

      1. Hi Angie,

        Basically, you can visit Lombok in any month when it comes to snorkeling or waterfalls (best season for visiting waterfalls is during or after rainy season since there is much water coming down). My personal favorite time is after rainy season and before high season. Something around April/May/June. The island is still lushly green and there are few tourists. A rain shower now and then is totally OK and the prices for accommodations are not too high yet.

        “Worst” months are November/December/January because of heavy rains (however it doesn’t mean that it rains day and night 😉 ).

        For hiking etc., it depends on where you want to go. Please keep in mind that the Rinjani National Park is closed during the rainy season.

        Best regards

  22. Wonderful photos!
    I was on Bali and the Gili last summer and really wanted to go to Lombok but ran out of time.
    So I guess I have to head back to Indonesia soon because Lombok looks great LOL 🙂

    1. Lombok is famous for its mountain, gilis, beaches, cultures, waterfalls, ricefield, peacefull places for holiday, various tours by lombokarfatour.

  23. In Lombok island we can visit pearl farm, go to teluk nare bay (close to pemenang/bangsal sea port) we can find a small pearl farm to visit (with apointment)

  24. Hi Marcel,

    We are planning for a family vacation to Lombok in Feb 2017. We are 3 (includes 3 year old kid) and looking out for a more relaxed and child friendly environment. Could you suggest us some best places to stay and visit?
    Also the transportation from Airport Senggigi / Gilli (like to avoid more travel time). how far is the pink beach from main city?
    Our only Motto is: relax, enjoy and capture memories….. its my 10th year wedding anniversary :-))

    1. Hi Jaya,

      There are many nice and relaxed places, depending on where you want to stay: Senggigi area, South (Kuta), Sekotong or in the north (not the best beaches though). Where are you planning to stay? One of my favorite areas is Sekotong and its Secret Gilis. For example there is Gili Nanggu and many others.

      The Pink Beach is very far away. From Senggigi its about 2 hours but I think its worth it. Just hire a driver and enjoy the trip 😉

      Best regards

    2. Hi Jaya. We are here now with a five and three year old. They really enjoyed Mawun Beach; but go right to the far (right) end to swim in waist deep water otherwise the drop off is dangerous and dumpy. Umbrellas and chairs can be hired here for $1.50 but don’t leave your stuff unattended if trekking down the beach for a swim. Fresh pineapples are $1.50 and worth a try. Our kids also liked feeding the monkeys at the far end of Kuta Beach. Buy peanuts from the local lady there and they call the monkeys out and offer safety (just in case) – totally worth the $1. Be careful of the monkey king – he is boss – make sure you don’t offer peanuts out of the bag, but one at a time otherwise they knick off with the bag… and don’t take a photo and show it to them – they love their own pics and my husbands mobile got snatched by a monkey (great monkey selfie though). They also just really loved the pool so I hope you booked accom with one.

      1. HI,
        Which hotel did you stay at? Did you stay in one hotel and travel to different destinations each day?
        I have 5 nights that I can stay in Lombok (from Bali). I don’t know if I should stay in two cities 2/3?
        Also interested in crater. Don’t know if I am in good enough shape to hike up there? I will be going in June.

        1. Hi leticia perez,

          Bule homestay in kuta is worth to stay for its delicious meals by lombokatfatour serving hotels, tours, trekkings, indonesian language class, camping, scooter tours.

  25. HI there…Enjoy reading all the comments and reply. Would be going for my honeymoon on Early Jan but not sure what we can do in 3 days of our stay in Lombok. We’ve booked Living Asia Resort and would like to know what is there we could do apart from beach activities and is it safe for 1st trimester preggy woman to go for hike?

    Any idea if there is a nice place or malls that we could visit and how much normally does the cost of 1 day in Lombok roughly?

  26. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your all details that in your article.
    But i would like to know it take how long time to reach Gili Island from Lombok Airport?

    I would be travel on coming Feb’2017, it seem like is raining season, so is it will reaining all day long?

    Looking for your reply !



    1. Hi Allie,

      Well, it’s depending on the way of transportation. The fastest way would be with taxi directly to the harbors in the north. This will take about one hour. From there you can take the public boat (which is very slow and it might happen that you have to wait a while until the boat departs/when there are enough people on the boat) or you just go by speed boat or chartered boat. This is obviously the faster way but more expensive.

      Rainy reason doesn’t mean it rains the whole day. It’s not very predictable though. You can be lucky and have even some hot days without any rain. Mostly however, it rains heavily in the afternoon or night for a short while. Very rarely it rains all day long.

      I hope this was helpful for you. If you have further questions, feel free to join our Lombok Facebook group or just ask here.

      Best regards

      1. Hello Marcell,

        Lovely pictures and great blog.

        I am travelling to Lombok next week. Just wondering if I could get a sim card at Lombok airport or the phone shops in Sengigi? International roaming is expensive:(

        Thank you Chloe

        1. Hi Chloe,
          Yes you can buy directly at the airport or in every phone shop in the tourist areas. Another option would be to go to the stores in Mataram, for example XL (the provider I used for years).

  27. Hi, is there any way to get back to our accommodation at Sengigi from Gili T after sunset since the Bangsal is closed in the evening?

  28. Hi! Great article, I just have some questions about the weather in Lomobok. Considering going there just over new years but I am little unsure because of the rain season.

    How much rain do you have to expect on a daily basis? And does it rain more or less every day for long periods? Would you go there during the rain season?

    Best regards Lars

    1. Hi Lars,

      Thanks! The weather is not very predictable, however, mostly it rains in the afternoon or night. You can be unlucky and have some rainy days but you could also have some very hot and sunny days with a little shower now and then 😉

      I, personally, would indeed go there in the rainy season and just plan some more days. If I wanna visit some places and the weather is not good, I’d still have some more time left to just go another day.


  29. Hi
    Very informative blog..well done. Special offer for one week trip to Lombok …from 10-17 Dec. …expensive and long flight from South Africa though so not sure if its worth it…how’s the weather during this time? Some say drier than Bali, mostly rain at night/short duration?
    Unfortunately time is limited otherwise would have loved to see more of Bali as well…could opt for 1 week trip there (slightly more expensive)…which would you choose if only have 1 week trip Bali or Lombok?

    Or should I leave the idea for now and see if somewhere at later stage can do 2 week trip incl. both?

    Thanks any advise appreciated.

    Thanks for any advise

    1. Hi Cari,
      Sorry for the late reply…

      I think the weather is almost same as on Bali during this time. It might be quite rainy/cloudy but you can be lucky as well during your week and just have a couple of showers in the afternoon or night. It’s not very predictable during the rainy season.

      If you can, it might be a better idea to visit both some other time and see which island you like more 😉

      I hope this was helpful for you. If you have more questions, feel free to ask here or join our Facebook Group Lombok & Gilis – Travel Tips.


  30. Hi,

    Firstly thanks for your great blog. I have been travelling for years and its not that easy to find good blogs. I will definetely take Lombok into account since I herd its like Bali but 20 years ago.

    I have one question though, this is whether to skip Gili or not? I have herd mixed accounts, some say its not nice anymore as its too crowded and touristy. I personally hate overexploated places with loud music and cramped spaces. Since you have travelled so much whats your take on Gili, is it worth going or could one simply stay in Lombok and enjoy beaches there?

    Essentially I am looking for the following: Romantic and chill place, good beach, no music and noise, access to beach and good diving.

    I will be going on the 9th of December so heading into high season

    Any thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for your comment! The Gilis are (especially in high season) indeed crowded and touristy – mainly Gili Trawangan. The other Gilis – Gili Air and Gili Meno – are still very quiet and you can find many places with a relaxed atmosphere. My favorite is still Gili Meno.

      If you don’t like loud party places, avoid the east coast of Gili Trawangan. The other side of the island has still many nice secluded places that are very romantic and have amazing sunsets.


  31. Hi Marcel

    Great post!
    Do you have any info about Malaria on Lombok?
    I heard so many different stories…speacially about Gilis..
    Is it neccesary to take some pills if going there?

    Tnx so much !

  32. Amazing Marcel really informative, thank you for sharing and and posting all about Lombok Island and Gili Islands as well, Good Luck Man!

    1. Thanks a lot Jesse, very useful information I have been to Lombok few times during 2016. Last visit was on October . i love Lombok especially Senggigi beach so much , diffenatly going back very soon .

  33. Hi Marcel,
    Amazed to see how u reply everyone on this forum, super job chief. My wife and i are visiting Bali/Lombok for 4N 5D mid of Dec this year. We are visiting for the first time and are super confused whether to stay in Bali or Lombok. My travel agent has recommended Bali and given me a rather engaging active itenary, but being the peak tourist season, we want peaceful and less crowded place. Thats why i was thinking Lombok, to stay at Sheraton Senggigi and do lombok in these 5 days rather than switching between bali lombok.
    Gili Islands are a must. Can you suggest which ones to visit and if 1 day is enough or 2 days to see all of them? We want some water sports and snorkelling activities.
    Also the 1st day would be leisure, can you please suggest the perfect itenary for the remaining 2 days as the 4th day we would want to enjoy in the resort and move around before going back to Bali on the 5th day for our flight back to India.
    Do you suggest we stay the 4th day in Bali near Denpasar or Kuta as our flight is from Bali back home.? Then we can see some places in Bali on the 4th day or we should stay in senggigi only for the the days and just return to Bali to catch our flight?
    i know its a pretty long request from my end but really would be grateful if you can guide us.

    1. Hi Suman,
      Thank you so much! 🙂

      First I can say, there’s almost nothing that you can do only on Bali and not on Lombok. Besides a Balinese minority, Lombok even has its fascinating and unique Sasak culture. Plus, Lombok will be much more quiet.

      Sheraton is a great place I guess, however I didn’t stay there yet. The location is very good though and you have Senggigi Beach right in front of you.

      Gilis might be much more crowded, especially Gili Trawangan. How about Gili Meno or the “Secret Gilis” in Sekotong? You can visit them on one day and do a snorkeling tour around the islands.

      I think it’s not wrong to visit Bali as well, even if it’s only one day. So you can see the difference for yourself. You could visit some beautiful temples or Ubud area. What time is your flight back to India? The fast boats from Lombok/Gilis to Bali are departing in the early morning, so if your flight is in the afternoon, you could basically make it. BUT: Keep always in mind that the weather conditions might change immediately during this season and in the worst case, there will be no boat going. If you want to be safe, better leave to Bali one day before.

      I hope this was helpful. Feel free to ask, if you have any further questions.


  34. Hi guys. I’m origin from lombok. Lombok is a paradise island coz many beautiful natures are listed here.
    North lombok with its beautiful waterfalls. Three gilies: Trawangan is wellknown fot its party every night. Meno for its birds park and a lake in the middle of the island but quite silent place . And Air, for its beautiful marine and good place to visit for families.
    On central lombok, there’s beautiful kuta beach and Sade village. BUT, u have to be carefull to go riding around there since robbery (few times) happened there. But u can ask locals there to get info, all local people here are mostly friendly.
    Thanks for this good article.

      1. Hi Tuty,

        Yes, almost every restaurant or Warung is halal – maybe except for the Balinese/Chinese restaurants which you will not find so often (mainly in some districts of Mataram). Mostly, the restaurants/Warungs are run by Muslim owners.

  35. Hey Marcel! Wow! What a great site and I really must say what a great job you are doing of answering the many questions from everyone! I’ll apologise now for the long post with many queries….any help you can give is much appreciated!

    My wife and I have a cafe and bunkhouse on a tiny Scottish island and each year when we are closed for the winter we love to get 6 weeks somewhere lovely and warm! This January we are flying into Bali but will head straight to Lombok.

    Our needs are simple: Basic accommodation (Banyu Urip Homestay looks ideal!), access to lovely beaches, good food and drink options with sunsets, not packed with tourists but a nice atmosphere!

    My early thoughts are to spend the first few weeks based in Kuta Lombok. From there we would love to rent scooters and explore on day trips or spend time on the local beaches.
    Do you have experience of living there in January?
    It’s rainy season so I’m worried that it might make scooters pretty dangerous in the event of serious rain! Are the roads generally in decent condition on Lombok? Your video shows lots of amazing quiet open road…..that’s what we are after!
    In January would you recommend booking somewhere in advance or finding a place and negotiating when we get there? (There are some great prices on places on Booking/Airbnb etc)

    I think we’re also interested in 2/3 weeks chilling on one or 2 of the main Gili’s. Have you experience of spending time there in February? Are they still as packed with tourists or is it a little more chilled?

    I guess I’d ask the same question about accommodation. Would you recommend booking somewhere in advance or doing it on arrival?

    Thank you so much for any time you can give this!

    All the best!


    1. Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your comment! January is indeed rainy season but I wouldn’t worry too much about the scooter thing. Yes, it might happen that suddenly some heavy rain will appear. Just stop somewhere in a restaurant, cafe or Warung and enjoy some food. 😉 Mostly, the heavy rainfalls are over after some minutes or an hour max. Just be careful when you drive then as it might be slippery. The main roads on Lombok are all safe to drive. In the south/Kuta area the roads are not always the best, but that’s only some.

      In January it will be no problem at all to find accommodations on the spot/on arrival. You should always try to bargain since in January there are not so many tourist and they will want to fill their rooms.

      I was on the main Gilis in March for the first time. It was MUCH more chilled than in high or peak season.

      I hope this was helpful for you.

      Best regards

    2. @Martin Shields

      Hi Martin – just out of interest and given that you mention that you have a café/bunk house in Scotland, can I ask where as I am planning my trip to Scotland for next summer and would like to visit a small Scottish island.

      Look forward to hearing from you

  36. Hi Marcel,

    Thank you for this amazing post. I fell in love with Lombok after reading your post. We are planning to visit Lombok this December and are a bit unsure of the accommodation and travel within Lombok. Could you please suggest the best place to stay here considering the fact that we want to visit all the above places? Also what is the best means of transportation to get around Lombok? Which offers a better diving experience- Bali or Lombok?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Avani,
      You can find some recommendations for accommodations at the end of this article. 😉 There are many ways to get around: taxi, motorbike, Bemo (local public transportation), renting a car or hiring a driver. Depending on what you like most and what’s your budget. The most convenient way is surely just hiring a driver who will drive you around. But it’s also expensive when you do it too often.

      Since I’m not a diver, I can’t tell you. All I know is that Lombok and the Gilis have some great diving spots.


      1. Hi Marcel, great info and advice. Will be on Lombok for just over 3 weeks in October and then Gili Meno for 5 days before heading home.
        I am into photography and am planing to take my expensive gear with me,main interests are landscape and street photography. Can you advise if there is a chance that I will be robbed. If so I will take a less expensive camera.
        Am travelling with a friend, we are both fit 50+ females and seasoned travellers. Planning on checking out the less travelled areas and spending a lot of time taking in the culture.
        any advice will be greatly appreciated

        1. Thefts can happen anywhere in Southeast Asia – even on the Gilis – but it’s very unlikely. Especially when you stay in a good accommodation. I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m traveling around since over 3 1/2 years with all my tech equipment and nothing has ever happened. 😉


  37. Amazing article! My main question is this : how easy and safe is it to hire a driver to get around the island? Because I want to see some places you mentioned, but also see Mangku Sakti waterfall, air terjun tiu kelep, bilasayaq beach area, plantain tebing, and tanjung bloam. They are all scattered around the island, but I feel like hiring a scooter would probably not be safe enough. Is it possible to hire a driver from location to location? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Sebastien,

      It’s very easy to hire a driver. Basically it’s also safe when the driver drives obviously not too fast, but you can tell him if you feel uncomfortable. In most tourists places you can hire a driver like in Senggigi area, Mataram, Kuta area etc. To most places you could do day trips with one and the same driver since by car you can be anywhere within 2 – 2 1/2 hours.

  38. I’m planning a trip to Bali in late 2017 and will be flying in from Canada. Lombok appears to have far more things to see and do than I originally thought. How many days would you suggest spending on Lombok to really maximize your experience there? Adventure and culture are my two primary reasons for going to Bali with a side trip to Lombok while I’m at it.

    1. Hi Ray,

      Well, Lombok is also a big island and if you really wanna see everything, you could even spend weeks there. The 15 things here in the article are just a part of it. Another article with even more things to do on Lombok is coming soon 😉

      How many days in total do you have for your trip? Do you also wanna visit the Gili Islands?


      1. HI Marcel thank you for your tips
        We will spend one week in lombok, I hope it will be enough to see something.
        Where is your new article?

  39. The trek and spectacular views from Rinjani OR a relaxing, quiet white sand beaches on the south coast of Lombok? Don’t have time to do both, but like hiking adventures as well as a beautiful beach. Recommendations, thoughts?

  40. what you inform it correctly, that’s the place to be seen in Lombok. BTW Great information Marcel…

  41. Hi Marcel, my wife and I been going to Bali many times. For first time we took fast boat to Gilli T on our last trip, it was magical. Now we can’t help our self’s but go back, booked for August. We planning to stay in Lombok and Gilli islands. I am getting little negative reports regarding Lombok from Trip adviser specially thieves on the bikes and motor bike rental places.

    How accurate is these reports please?

    1. Hi Eren,

      Don’t worry too much. Bikes thefts might occur in the south of Lombok, yes – like everywhere else in Southeast Asia. Just always lock your bike carefully and if possible, keep it within sight. To be safer, maybe you ask the rental shop about a lock/chain which you can use for the night.


  42. If you visit to lombok there are many new destination wich interesting like selong belanak beach,bukit merese also you have to visit private island in Gili Kedis,Gili Kapal,gili Nanggu or gili sudak..

  43. Hi Marcel,

    Good info to share, its really nice..

    Oh gosh….I do Love Lombok anyway…My heart was stolen by this Island.
    God created this Island with/on Gorgeous Smile.
    Lotta spot and places …And I go with U Marcell that The pic speaks themselves…in any places

    I luv the gorgeous Caldera of Rinjani-Volcano Mountain ( imagine how big the energy exploded happened at that day)…..
    I luv the waterfalls and the hotspring …
    I luv the beach…long seashore…with sandy-white pepper ball look.
    I luv the friendly fish etc Jelly fish..Nemo..Big Green Turtle and friends when snorkeling…touch them and dancing with them transparently inside.
    I luv the Nature n also the People …
    and u know what….. much more than that I love the air, water, and the landscape…mostly virgin as the gift of Nature.
    Here, air Polution is less than in Bali. I guarantee to all people who will visit Lombok ( Lombok n the Gilis)

    Oh miss that Islands so much…hope I could be there again…sooner the better 🙂

    Regards from eastern island of Lombok,

    Leo Bimbim

  44. Guys, just want to say “lovely job”. One of the nicest, easiest to understand and helpful travel blogs out there. Cool!

  45. Hi Marcel,

    Great advice on your blog! My wife and I are travelling to Lombok in August. We have already booked for 4 nights in Mangsit Beach (Jeeva Santai) and 5 nights in Tanjung Bloam (Jeeva Beloam) but have 4 nights in between where we still haven’t decided what to do.

    If you had to choose between trekking up Rinjani, travelling to any of the Gili Isles (probably south west), a few nights in Kuta or something else even, what would you choose?

    Thanks for your advice and keep up the great blogging!

    1. Hi Jon,

      That’s actually very hard because all of these places are amazing. I think the best would be to stay in Kuta and at least visit the southwest Gilis (Nanggu etc.) for a day-trip. A great option for another day would be Pink Beach or a snorkeling tour to the east Gilis (Gili Kondo etc.).


  46. Hi Tobi and Marcel, we are planning a 10-day trip to Lombok and Gili (from Hong Kong) in June. So we fly towards Denpasar. Is it possible to go with boat service from Bali to Lombok, continue to Gili and then from there return to Bali directly?

    1. Hi Silvie,
      Yes sure you can go with the fast boat from Bali to Lombok and from Lombok to the Gilis. Then you can directly return to Bali from the Gilis.

      Enjoy your trip

  47. Amazed by what I have read, looking forward to visiting Bali and Lombok this summer.
    What licence do you need to hire a scooter?

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Officially, you need an international licence. Inofficially, you don’t need any licence at all and no rental shop will ask about that. 😉 Just make sure to drive with a helmet all the time.

  48. I think it’s time to say now in 2016 that Lombok is emerging as a green, natural and preserved destination, especially the south. I can’t recommend enough Selong Belanak beach and area for example. It’s developing fast but in a controlled manner and will become a top destination in few years.
    To keep in touch with what’s happening there, follow Lombok Guru on twitter : http://www.twitter.com/south_lombok

  49. Hi, so we are planning to book Quinci. It’s for our 1 yr anniversary and we plan to stay between 5-6 days. Do you think it’s doable for us to do a day trip to Gunung Rinjani? Also, could we do day trips to Gili island? Do you recommend for us to stay at Quinci or one of the hotels on Gili island? We heard that Gili is beautiful.

    1. Hi Santiago,

      Qunci is a great place – very recommendable. I think you could do the short trekking (2 days 1 night) at least. Otherwise the time will be too short in my opinion. Yes you shouldn’t miss the Gilis (you can also do just a day trip and come back to Lombok the same day).


  50. Hi Marcel,

    A great post. I have to visit all these places! Actually I’m going to stay at Lombok in Jun for the whole month. Could you please advise convenient places where to stay so that all essential sites will be within reach, e.g. one week in Kuta, one week somewhere in the north suitable for trekking, one week in Gilis…


    1. Hi Jakub,

      Thanks. You can find some recommendations for accommodation below the article.
      If you have further questions, feel free to ask 😉


  51. Hello Marcel,
    Thanks for sharing your experence.

    We are going for a month to Indonesia. We want to go to Lombok, Bali and Java. How long do we have to stay in each place? We want to see as much as possible.

    1. Well, one month for Bali, Lombok AND Java is in my opinion not enough if you wanna see a lot and don’t rush.

      It’s also depending on what exactly you want to see and how intensively you want to explore a place. If you only want to visit the popular tourist places on Lombok (+ 3 famous Gilis), I think one week should be enough. But if you want to explore the whole island with its many “off the beaten path” locations, then you should plan MINIMUM 2 weeks, even 3.

  52. Lombok so beautifull, I’m so proud to lombok.
    Anyway… don’t forget to visit danau toba at Sumatera..:)
    just enjoyed your trips

      1. Hi,

        We want to go in july to indonesia. We want to start in Lombok and go from there to Bali. What is the best route in lombok to take? We want to see as much as possible.

        1. Hi,
          It’s not so easy to say. There are many great routes and places to see – it’s always depending on what exactly you want to visit (beaches, islands, nature, mountains, culture etc.) and how much time you got left. So there’s no “best route” at all 😉

          Kindly tell me what you like and how much time you plan for Lombok, then I can give you some more information 😉

    1. Hi Zaza,

      Thank you 🙂

      Yes – if you mean not hiking too long, you could visit Benang Kelambu. There’s even an Ojek (motorbike taxi) service almost directly to the waterfalls 😀
      Even Sendang Gile is only about 20 minutes of walking away from Senaru.


  53. Hi Marcel,

    Great post!
    May i just check with you regarding the waterfall Tiu Teja, Tiu Kelep or Sendang Gile. If i am planning to go there, do i need a guide? or is it possible to just go on our own?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    1. Hi Veronica,

      Thanks! As for Tiu Teja, it’s probably better to go with a guide. Sendang Gile you can easily reach on your own from Senaru – you don’t need a guide at all and you can just follow the signs. Tiu Kelep is a little bit more far away from Sendang Gile, but can be also done in one tour. Basically, also without a guide. Be prepared that in Senaru the “guides” will tell you something else about those 2 waterfalls… 😉


  54. hi marcel,

    Our trip to lombok on middle october (3 girls).. wanna ask you, because we reach lombok quite late at 6.30pm local time. So, we plan stay overnight around before next morning go to gili trawangan,Where recomended to stay, Kuta or sengigi to catch the ferry or boat?


  55. Hi Marcel,
    Me and my friend planning to do trekking for Rinjani (for 3D2N) 11th to 13th april. Any recommendation on the agency?

    Will be in Lombok from11 Apr to 15 Apr 2016. Aside from Rinjani, What other activity you will be recommending?

    1. Hi Agnes,

      You should take a look at http://www.greenrinjani.com maybe.

      Other activities, well, it depends on what you like. Are you more into water activities, beaches etc. or nature and hiking? A great place that you shouldn’t miss in my opinion is Tetebatu. An English article about it will be available on our blog soon.


    1. Hi Jin Jin,

      To witness this place, you need to do a Rinjani Trekking tour for at least 2 days and 1 night. For this view you don’t have to go to the summit. It would be very hard for beginners anyway.

      For more information, check out Green Rinjani: http://www.greenrinjani.com – you can also book with them.


    1. Hi Ria,

      Thanks for your comment! I actually do agree to some of your points, such as Bangko-Bangko/Desert Point. It was also totally disappointing for me.

      I think Pura Meru on the other side of the street is a better option than Mayura.

      1. i’m muzayyin marjani, from Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. it’s nice to know people from abroad (tourist) wrote article about my island. i appreciate it 🙂

  56. Dear Marcel,

    Can you please tell me how to arrange transport from Kuta lombok to Gili Trawangan Island?
    Im staying on the 23 util th 25th at Bomborra Bungalows kuta lombok beach.

    I was wondering how i could arrange transport to Gili Trawangan from kuta lombok?

    1. Hi Dunya,

      Well, there are a some possibilities:

      1) You could just ask at your hotel. Many hotels/homestays offer this kind of transport
      2) You could go on your own. In Kuta you will need to rent a private car since there are no public taxis (as of my last stay in 2015) in Kuta. They can bring you either to Bangsal (if you wanna go with public boat/charter boat) or to Teluk Kodek/Teluk Nara (if you want to go by speed boat).
      3) You book a transport to Senggigi from Kuta (minivan etc). From Senggigi you can easily transfer to a public taxi or Bemo and go to the ports I mentioned before.

  57. Hi, Planning to go for a short vacay this march. I came across your blog & the place seems really nice. Is it generally safe to travel solo here? What are the must-see or must-do in a short 2-3 day stay? Any tips/advise would be appreciated. thanks

    1. Hi Kath,

      Thank you. Generally, Lombok is safe to travel solo.

      Unfortunately, there have been some robberies in the south area (Kuta & surroundings) recently and in the last months. If you plan to travel to Kuta, you need to take care when you go with motorbike outside the areas of Kuta town after sunset/night.


    2. Hi kath,

      How was your trip? I am also planning to travel solo around Lombok, did you feel safe/encounter any problems?

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  58. Lombok is a great place to take a break from the bustle of daily activity, a very cozy place to relax, and make a wish to return again

  59. What a fantastic read this was. I am heading to Lombok Dec. 20-24. I don’t have a lot of time, but I was wondering if you could make some suggestions as to places to check out. I have already booked a hotel in Senggigi for the 4 nights. I will be traveling with my wife and two young kids (ages 3 and 2) so that limits us a little, but we still want to get around and see a bit of Lombok. Also, we now live in Jakarta so I am sure we will be back to Lombok so seeing as much as possible is not totally necessary. My initial thoughts were to charter a boat for one of the days to the Gilis. Spend one of the days around Senggigi and find a relatively close beach or two to check out (any suggestions?). Maybe waterfalls for a day? Is this possible with the kids? Any other suggestions? Thanks. This blog was by far the most useful I have found as I plan our short get-a-way to Lombok.

    1. Thanks Dan!

      Well, yes, you could do a day trip to the Gilis – it’s possible, however, better to stay there for a couple of days. Another option would be going to one of the close beaches (Senggigi beach itself is not the best in my opinion), like Pandanan or Nipah. It’s only 15 minutes away from Senggigi and you can easily take a Blue Bird taxi. Also, don’t miss the monkey forest.

      If you want to have more tranquility, I would suggest the South Gilis (Gili Nanggu is my favorite). Perfect for a day trip and the beach is calm and nice for snorkeling (many fish). There are almost no currents/waves and I think it’s also suitable for swimming with kids. Check out more about Gili Nanggu here. In our travel videos about Lombok there are also some scenes from Gili Nanggu: https://homeiswhereyourbagis.com/en/photos-and-videos/travel-videos/

      A waterfall trip is basically also possible, I think. Most of the paths are not so hard to walk but keep in mind that some ways to the waterfalls have steep steps. During the rainy season now it might also get slippery.

      Let me know if you need more information. I hope this was helpful for you anyway.

  60. For me, everything about Lambok is perfect. The nature, views and people in there, they are all worth it. I had my vacation there for the first time and I would admit that I don’t wanna go home, it feels like I’m already home.

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  62. Hi Marcel,

    I have been reading review for diving center. Which dive center would you suggest? I will be staying at Sheraton Lombok.

    1. Hi Lina,

      Well, actually I never dived before so I don’t know which center is the best. 🙂 I know a few names and I think they are quite good: Blue Marlin is well-known and DSM probably also good, but it will be up to you which one you choose. 😉

      It would be great if you could share your experience with us after your stay. I really wanna know which center you chose and how you liked it.

      Enjoy your time!

  63. Hi, I was planning to spend 3 – 4 weeks on Lombok in March – I’ll be coming from Flores. I was wondering if it was a good idea to rent a scooter and drive around the island with several stops along the way or just stay in one place and do day trips by scooter instead? I really don’t have a grasp how how long it would take to actually go around the whole island… At the end I would stay on The Gili Islands for a week or more, so I wouldn’t need the bike anymore. Any suggestions?


    1. Hi Jim,

      Most of the companies will accept only when you return the motorbike to the place you rent it. You can actually go around the whole island. So you could rent it in Senggigi, go around Lombok (or just do day trips to certain places – it’s possible to go to many places on Lombok when you start in the early morning, even when they are far away e.g. East Lombok, Sekotong, Kuta) and give it back in Senggigi. Afterwards it’s easy to get to the Gilis from there.

      Keep in mind that in some places (especially East Lombok and sometimes in the south) the roads might get a bit worse.

      If you have further questions, feel free to ask.


      1. My girlfriend and I are going to Bali and lombok for a month.the beaches look much prettier in south lombok.how much do jeeps cost to rent approximately

  64. Hi Marcel, we’ll be in Lombok on the 17/12/2015 and want to check some facts with you:-

    1. How do I go from the air port to the jetty, by bus, cab or private car; then from the jetty to Gili Trawagan island, how much is the charges? my flight reach the air port at about 1800 local time.
    2. Is there any terrace paddy fields in Lombok? if yes, where? is the paddy field with cows/buffaloes, how do get there?
    3. Any white water rafting activity in Lombok?

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Hi,

      1. Depending on your budget, you can use private transport, taxi or bus (company Damri). The most convenient way is certainly the taxi, price to Senggigi should be something about 200.000 IDR. If you are referring to the jetty further north (Teluk Nara/Teluk Kodek), the price will be obviously higher.
      2. Yes, you should definitely go to Tetebatu or Senaru. Many tourists go to Senaru (also because of waterfalls and Rinjani trekking) but I liked Tetebatu very much and there are not many tourists. There are also some waterfalls. You can book a tour or driver to Tetebatu or go there on your own (by motorbike or car for example). The streets are not bad and it’s more or less easy to find (if you need a way description, feel free to ask me).
      3. Unfortunately, I don’t know about rafting activities on Lombok since i’m not into this kind of adventures (maybe someday I try 🙂 )


  65. Hello Marcel,
    I from Malaysia and will be visiting Lombok next year January.
    Planning to stay in Kuta Lombok for my last few day there.
    Will spending 1 whole day in Kuta and still planning on the activity to do 1 whole day.
    Any suggestion for good hotel in Kuta & activity?

    1. Hi Sheryna,

      Well, the nicest hotel down there is probably the Novotel, however, quite pricey. If you’re on a lower budget, take a look at these amazing homestays: Banyu Urip & Bule Homestay.

      Don’t miss to rent a scooter (or alternatively go with a driver) and visit all the beaches around Kuta: Tanjung Aan, Selong Belanak, Mawi, Mawun Beach.

      Enjoy 🙂

  66. Hai Marcel, lombok does have a story, and I’m believe you agree. in addition to its natural beautiful lombok also be cultural. Thanks Marcel..

  67. Hi,

    I’ll be visiting Lombok next week. Planning the itinerary for 5D4N and bringing my parent (age 70s) together. Would like to know:

    1. Any haze there currently?
    2. Any propose good itinerary for us? take note that we’ll not be able to get them hiking, swimming, snorkelling etc 🙂

    Note: Will be arriving late evening on the 1st day so our plan will start on 2nd day and to be completed by 4th day coz our flight is in the afternoon on the 5th day.

    3. How to move around there?

    Hope to get the feedback from you soonest possible to ensure that we have a great time there.

    1. Hi Lillie,

      1. I’m not on Lombok at the moment. Unfortunately, I don’t know about the haze. All I heard on Bali it’s currently fine.

      2. Well, you can still visit many beaches and temples. Many of them are easily accessible for elders as well when you go by car. The Pusuk Monkey Forest and the 2 Malimbu viewpoints would be another options since you don’t have to hike at all.

      3. Since you bring your parent, the easiest way for you is certainly going by car. You don’t have to drive yourself, you could simply hire a driver who can bring you anywhere on Lombok. You can find them everywhere in the tourist spots and it’s not too expensive. If it’s not too far, you can also use taxis, they are very affordable on Lombok (preferably choose BlueBird)

      I hope it was helpful for you. If not, you can keep asking 🙂
      Enjoy your trip!

    2. Hi,

      I’m currently on Lombok and there is a little bit of a haze but nothing much with seeing more than +/-10 miles out……from just west of Lembar I can see the mountains close to Mataram. Would send a picture but that’s not an option….

      Hope this helps

  68. Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for sharing and your tips.
    I’m planning for a 4 days 3 night getaway trip with my wife and kid (below 2 years old) in early Nov. There are couple of questions below may need your advice:

    – Is Lombok island suitable to bring kid below 2? Food for toddles easily to find? Many convenient shop?
    – What itinerary would you most recommend me?
    – is haze attacking this island too? Do u have any friend there right now?

    Hope to hear your advice soon. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Pang,
      You’re welcome.

      – Yes, the place and the people are very child-friendly. Depending on where you stay, you can find many convenient shops (especially Mataram and Senggigi area)
      – Well, it’s depending on what you want to see and where you stay. 😉
      – I never noticed any haze there

      If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me.


  69. Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for the informative blog on Lombok! I’m planning to visit Lombok in mid April 2015 for 5D4N. There will be 6 of us. We would like to visit Gili islands, Mount Rinjani and also those beaches that you had mentioned. How would you advice to plan my itinerary?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Margaret,

      Well, 5 days for everything might be a bit short. You don’t want to rush from one place to another, want you? Keep in mind that you will need at least 2 days for Rinjani hike plus a day to get to (and back from) Senaru/Sembalun. For the south beaches, 1 day is enough. I think it’s better to stay on the Gilis, but it’s also possible to do a day trip from Lombok to the Gilis if you don’t have so much time. It’s up to you 😉

  70. Hi, Marcel,

    Good day to you.

    Need your advise:
    1) which is waterfall is easier to reach for beginner? Worth to visit waterfall during dry season?
    2) is easy to get taxi back to Sengigi after visit Tiu Teja waterfall? Or is advisable to rent/hire own transport and guide to Tiu Teja waterfall? Estimate how many hour from entrance track up to waterfall?
    3) easy to get public transport travel between 3 Gilis?

    Please advise.

    Thanks you.

    1. Hi Ooi,

      1) For me personally, the hike to Benang Kelambu was very easy. I think you can still visit most of the waterfalls during dry season.

      2) Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a taxi in Santong village (the village before the Tiu Teja waterfall). I don’t know if it’s possible, but you could try to call a Blue Bird taxi there. Better to go with a hired driver so you won’t have any problems at all to get back from Santong. From the entrance to the waterfall, it’s approximately one hour of walking. Always better to go with a guide, but actually you could ask any random guy from the village to bring you there for a small amount 😉

      3) Yes, there are public boats running between the 3 Gilis from morning to afternoon.

  71. Hi Marcel,

    Nice to meet you.
    I will have a vacation in Lombok with my wife at the end of Sep 2015 for 4D3N. Currently im working on my itinerary.
    After landed at Lombok, i plan to stay at Senggigi maybe for the first two night than will go to Gili Trawangan. Any suggestion on my itinerary at Senggigi? I plan to rent at scooter and pay a visit on Malimbu beach.

    If i wish to travel to Kuta from Senggigi, how should i travel to there? How long is it take? I read from your blog there is some interesting places to visit such as Mawun, Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak.


    1. Hi Keat,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, you should rent a scooter and drive the road up north from Senggigi. There are some nice viewpoints and beaches (also Malimbu). You could also go further to Pemenang and then to the right to Pusuk Monkey Forest.

      You can easily take a taxi to Kuta (Blue Bird). I think this is the most comfortable way and taxis are not so expensive on Lombok. Also, you could hire a driver but I think taxi will be still cheaper. It should take about 1 to 1,5 hours from Senggigi.

      1. Hi Marcel,

        Thanks for your reply.
        When i reach Kuta, what is the preferable transport to travel around Kuta? If i travel by scooter, will it be far to reach all the interesting places such as Mawun, Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak?

        1. You’re welcome. The best transportation in Kuta is definitely a scooter. It’s really fun and there is not much traffic and all the beaches are reachable within max. 20 minutes. Only be careful when you drive in the nighttime – or better don’t drive at all. Always lock your motorbike completely (sometimes even with a chain) and try to park it somewhere, where you can see it.

  72. Hi Marcel,
    I like this writing a lot. It expose all about Lombok so much well. It helps other travelers who have never visit Lombok to know more before they visit this beautiful place. What do you think about Lombok?
    Anyway, have you visit jogja ? It also cultural and calming city in Indonesia. You can visit it when you have time for it and enjoy every view you can capture there.

  73. Hi Marcel,

    Love to read your blog and thank you for providing so many great and useful information about Lombok.

    I do understand you’ve had replied to many travelers about their itinerary, but still, there are some lost direction of myself towards the Lombom town. I may need your kind assist to tell me about it.

    1) I’m gonna spend 3D/2N in Gili Trawangan and another 1 or 2 days to be spend in Lombom town. Is 2 nights stay in Trawangan are good enough just to explore the whole gili trawangan and with some snorkeliing activities?

    2) May you advise me which area or the place that you recommend me to visit? Is 1 day is good enough or 2 days will be perfect to explore the attractions around Lombom town.

    Thank you in advance Marcel 🙂

    1. Hi Joanne,
      Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply.

      1) I think 2 nights/3 days on the Gili Islands are totally ok.

      2) Personally, I think that 1-2 days are not enough since Lombok is a huge island and there is so much to see. You could even stay there for 1-2 weeks. 😉 Well, I think for 1-2 days you could stay in Kuta in the south and explore the surrounding area and the beaches. Another option would be staying in Sekotong and seeing the “secret Gilis”. You shouldn’t waste your time with staying in Mataram when you only have a few days on Lombok (if that’s what you mean with Lombok town).

  74. Hi, Great read, i may be visiting Lombok, not sure what part or exactly when (possibly November) to be honest. Im currently working and Living in Batam so i want to see some of Indonesia, My girlfriend has suggested Lombok and or the Gilis for maybe 5-7 days, basically want to take in a few attractions, nothing to heavy, more relaxing really, Bahasa is not an issue as my Girlfriend is Indonesian (im a beginer :-), any suggestions or indeed other parts of Indonesia for a relaxed chilled out time. Also same can be asked for Thailand, relaxing care free week or so, any advice would be appreciated (beaches, markets, and not so loud night life main points)

    1. Hi Graham, thank you.

      Yes for a relaxing time I think Lombok is a great place. You have beaches, many markets and there is almost no loud night life (except Senggigi and that’s even not so bad). There are many beautiful hotels which are quiet and secluded. Gili T is busy and loud at the main beach road side. Maybe better to stay at the other side of the island (there are also nice accommodations and beautiful sunsets with views on Bali) or on Gili Meno and Air. But if you want to visit the night market, you should stay on Gili T. Don’t miss to see the other Gili Islands as well, like Gili Nanggu or the Gilis in East Lombok (unfortunately, we haven’t finished the article about it yet but it will be available soon).


  75. hi Marcel
    Its me again. thank you so much for replying my comment. Im truly grateful. Since I am going to Lombok for total of 5 days(including the Gilis), just a few question i would like to ask:

    1) when i reached the Lombok Airport, how to get to Gilis from there?
    2) Since I wanna go to GIlis, Kuta and the waterfalls? is it advisable to stay in one hotel for 5 days? If yes, which place would you like to recommend? either in Gilis, Kuta or somewhere else? Because I didnt know how far the location from one to another.

    thank you.

    1. Hi Safra,

      1) Well, it’s depending on your budget. Here is some information (see “Further travel from Lombok”): How do I get from Bali to the Gili Islands?. The fastest way would be probably taking a taxi to Teluk Nara/Teluk Kodek and then a speed boat. The public boats from Bangsal are of course much cheaper, but Bangsal can be a very bugging place for tourists.

      2) Basically, you can do many trips as a day-trip from your hotel. It’s even possible for the Gilis. Everything is not so far and you can reach most of the places within 1 or 2 hours. But I still think it’s better to stay on the Gilis for a few days to enjoy 🙂

  76. hye marcels,

    greetings from kuala lumpur!

    im going to Lombok another less than two weeks.i will stay in gili terawangan for 2 nights and senggigi one night.at the moment,i dont have any plan/itinerary yet.can u pls advise what activity i can do?im going with my mum and 2 sisters.
    thank you.

    1. Hi Sha,

      For activities on the Gili Islands you can read our article. Also maybe interesting would be Gili Nanggu in the southwest of Lombok. It’s a little bit far, but I think it’s totally worth it for a day trip 🙂

      If you don’t wanna go so far, you should visit the beaches and viewpoints north of Senggigi. Also the Pusuk Monkey Forest – quite funny to feed the monkeys there. But the mountain views are nice as well.

  77. Hey Marcel,

    Thanks for the useful info. Im going to Lombok end of the month with my gfs and plans to stay at Svarga Resort. We plan to visit Gili Meno, do some island hopping, check out the night market and maybe the day market and have a spa or two and if time permits to visit a temple or two. Its a rest & relax trip for us and we have 4d3n to spare. Any insights on how we should utilise our time and any recommendation on resonably priced spa and must visit temples (if any)?

  78. Hi Marcel.
    This article helps me a lot. my friends and I are planning to go to Lombok next year. we are super duper excited after reading your blog. we are planning to spend 5 days at Lombok. However, I am not sure how to plan our trip, where to go from the airport, where to stay, how many days to spend at certain places, what transportation to use (there are a three girls of us). can you please please please give me a recommendation? it will really helps us a lot since my friends and I are not used to backpack traveling. So we are not that good in planning this trip. Our main targets are the Gili Trawangan, Mount Rinjani(the green scenery is breathtaking by the way), Kuta (we wanna go all the three beaches) and the Waterfalls (Tiu Kelep and Tiu Sendang Gile). Thank you.

    1. Hi Safra,
      Are you staying 5 days on Lombok only or including the Gilis?

      5 days for Lombok is quite ok, but not much. Keep in mind that you will need at least 2-3 days for the Rinjani Trekking (with recovering probably hehe). But you can easily combine the waterfalls with the Rinjani Trekking since they are not far away from Senaru. For the rest of the time, I think it’s a good idea to spend it in Kuta, relax and explore the beaches. 2 days should be enough. Also, the airport is not so far away from Kuta so you can easily go back from there.

      For the transportation you can mostly use taxis (Blue Bird is best) or hire drivers that will bring you anywhere, the whole day. This is quite convenient and not so expensive. Local cheap transportation would be the Bemo or Ojek (motorbike taxi). The best transportation in the south is of course the scooter. You can rent it for 50.000 IDR a day and visit the beaches on your own (don’t go anywhere after sunset).

      I hope this was a little bit helpful for you. If not, you can keep asking 😉


  79. Hi Marcel!

    Thanks for your informative blog on Lombok! Looks like it’s really popular ?

    My wife and I are coming over to Lombok for 6 nights next week. We are staying on Gili Meno for 2 nights already but want a recommendation on the last 4 nights. We were originally going to head down to Kuta Lombok but were warned by a couple of people here in Bali that there is a lot of theft etc in the area. Instead we were advised to head to Sengiggi as it is safer. Further to this it’s closer to Gili Meno. We also want to see the remote Gilis and adjacent coast down south (ie. Gede, Nanggu) so may consider there instead as another option.

    What would you recommend?

    Thanks mate

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Yes, unfortunately, there have been some robberies recently in the Kuta area. This is very sad, but I think it’s still worth it to visit Kuta. Only thing you should take care of is not driving around after sunset. If you rent a motorbike, make sure to always lock it completely (even with a chain). Don’t go too far to the east (after Tanjung Aan). Normally, then nothing should happen. I’ve been there again some days ago and it didn’t feel unsafe at all. Many tourists there actually.

      Senggigi is definitely much safer, however, the south beaches are way more beautiful. As you already mentioned, you could visit Sekotong and its surrounding Gili Islands as well: Gili Nanggu is a highlight!

      Another option would be going to the Gilis in east Lombok: Gili Kondo, Gili Kapal and Gili Bidara. Gili Kapal is the smallest island I’ve ever seen and the water is gorgeous there. Nice snorkeling at Kondo and Bidara.

      Hope this is a little bit helpful. If you wanna know more, ask me. Enjoy your trip!

  80. Hi Marcel,

    I’m going to Lombok on Monday and I’m wondering if you could give your opinion on my itinerary.

    I’ll stay 7 nights on Gili T (2) and Gili Air (5) as I’ll take part in an Open Water course. One of the days I’ll use to discover Gili Meno. Afterwards: two nights Senggigi (rent a scooter and discover the north), two nights Kuta (visiting the mentioned beaches, heading towards Mount Rinjani (two day rim trek).

    I still have some days (8) left, which I could use on Bali but I wouldn’t mind to spend all my time on Lombok. Do you advise to add some places to my itinerary? Just so you know, I prefer an off the beaten track experience.

    Thank you for replying 🙂

    1. Hi Luc,

      Great idea to explore more of Lombok. 😉 I can recommend you also visiting Sekotong and its Gili Islands, like Gili Nanggu for example. Also, in Sekotong there are some nice beaches to explore by motorbike, like Elak Elak (+viewpoint) or Mekaki. So you could stay about 2 days in Sekotong.

      Another option would be to visit east Lombok (this is totally off the beaten path): There is for example Tetebatu, a lovely quiet little village where you can stay in simple cottages and enjoy amazing views on paddy fields and Mount Rinjani. Also there are some nice waterfalls. The people are kind and you can witness the true Sasak life. In east Lombok there are more amazing places like: Pink Beach and the whole peninsula, 4 Gili Islands like Gili Kondo, Gili Bidara, Gili Kapal and the Mangrove Island.

  81. thanks to Tobi and Marcel, we are suprised that you write all about lombok natural beauty including lomboknese traditional market on kebon rowek 🙂 we hope more and more traveler come to indonesia and explore lombok deeper.. come to visit lombok again Tobi and Marcel.. make more videos.. we love to watch and read your travel blog story #terimakasih 🙂

  82. Dear Marcel,

    Thank you for created such nice and good information blog.

    Marcel, i need your advise, me and my friend will stay at kebun villa senggigi, just 4days 3 nights. My existing plan is just stay in hotel and enjoy the environment, but i think i was wrong. After read your blog and knew lombok have many beautiful places.

    Could you give me a suggestion , example the famous place near senggigi or i don’t mind for 1 hour car journey.

    please advise ( Thank you ).

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

      Lombok has many amazing places to offer. Don’t just stay in the hotel – even if the hotel environment is really beautiful. 😉

      You could visit some nice waterfalls, like in Senaru or Santong. Also, a day trip to the Tetebatu village would be nice. If you like beaches, don’t miss the beaches in South Lombok, like Tanjung Aan, Mawun and Selong Belanak. Or Pink Beach, but it’s more than 1 hour. Also, not far from Senggigi, there is a nice monkey forest called Pusuk. You could go there easily by taxi.

      Also, if you wanna know more about nice places, Bianca at Kebun can give you some more recommendations and I think, also organize a trip if you want.


      1. Hi Marcel

        You have a awsome blog, very informative.
        we will be going to lombok 27july 2015. My main concern about travelling around is: the police. We dont have an international driving licence. We got fined in Bali because we took the chance and got caught- that had put us off exploring Bali. We are hopping to Lombok in search of a less touristic experience.

        What is public transportation like there? If we hire scooter, what is the police like??

        Thanks Nadine

        1. Hi Nadine,
          Thank you 🙂

          Well, you shouldn’t worry too much about the police on Lombok. It’s MUCH different here than on Bali – even if you have an international driving license they will try to fine you with something else. Much corruption over there.

          Most police controls here are before or during important holidays – like recently Ramadan/Idul Fitri etc. When you wear a helmet, it’s not very likely that they stop you, even if there is a police control. Some of the policemen probably don’t even know how an international driving license looks like 😉

          I’m on Lombok since 3 months again and I even forgot my normal and international license in Germany. And I’m driving around here almost every day – even in the city of Mataram 😉


  83. Dear

    I enjoyed reading your articles. How to cooperate with you getting visitors to lombok. I am tour operator serving airport transfer, tour and travels, hotels, boats, flights, etc.

    I am looking forward to having your positive response.
    Lombok Arfatourindo

  84. Hello!

    I’m looking at a two week trip next May (2016) and am flying in and out of Bali. I have a list of things to do in Bali and it is my understanding that hiring a driver to take us all over the island is the best way to go. We are thinking then to take a flight over to Mataram. From there we wish to see Lombok but we are thinking about spending the most time in the Gilis. How much time do you recommend for Bali, Lombok and the Gilis? I can go a maximum of about 16 days in country. I am sorry to say but I don’t feel very interested in Lombok but we are very excited about Bali and Gilis. Are there any other islands near Lombok that you may recommend? Or even things to do to interest us in spending some time in Lombok itself? We are a couple who loves adventure, seeing a variety and also some beach time with snorkelling. Thank you so much

    1. Hi Larissa,

      Well, I can tell you that you could even spend your whole 16 days on Lombok and the Gilis only since there’s so much to do and see here. 😉 Please note that the Gili Islands do not belong to Bali since they are 2 hours away. The Gili Islands belong to Lombok and Lombok even has plenty more paradise islands that you could explore, especially in the south peninsula of Sekotong.

      For adventure (Volcano Rinjani and amazing waterfalls) and paradise beaches (I think Lombok has way better beaches than Bali) it’s the right place! I think you should come and see it yourself 🙂


  85. Hello Marcel – I must tell you this is a great blog and with very useful information.

    My wife and I are planning on a two week trip to Bali/Gilis/Lombok this August. We never visited Indonesia before.

    I have 7 days for Bali – 2 days for up north with stay at Ubud and 5 days down south – Is this good enough? We plan to visit beaches, temples and do some bit of adventure sports – Rafting, Undersea walking, paragliding and Bungy jumping etc

    I have another 7 days for Gilis and Lombok
    1) Are two nights enough for all the 3 Gilis? Do we need three? – Plan to snorkel, dive, party and ride across the islands on a scooter, exploring places
    2) One day to cover Peminang, Senggigi, Mataram – Is this doable on a scooter in one day?
    3) Are 3N/2D enough to cover places and beaches around Kuta (Mawun, Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak beaches ), Pink beach etc?

    Hows does the overall plan looks like? Am I missing anyother important places?


    1. Hi Anil,
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

      1) Since I always prefer to travel slowly and better see less places and more intensively, I think 2 nights might be a little bit short. If you want to stay 2 nights anyway, maybe you should consider staying in Gili Trawangan and visit Gili Meno for a day trip. The rest, like snorkeling, party etc. you can do on Gili T.
      2) Yes, totally. Mataram has not really much to see and you can skip it since your time is limited, I would recommend you driving to the Pusuk Monkey Forest instead because you can perfectly combine it with the Senggigi-Pemenang tour.
      3) I think yes. You can combine Mawun and Selong Belanak on one day and visit Tanjung Aan the other day. Please note that Pink Beach is very far away and you shouldn’t go there on your own. Better to rent a driver.

      Other important places would be waterfalls, other Gili Islands in the east or south, Tetebatu etc. But this will be too much since you don’t have so much time. Maybe you can see it next time 😉 Enjoy!

  86. Hi..
    Yes you right, Lompoc Island is a wonderful island with many Virgini beaches are in Lombok

    I was stay @ lombok during 2000-2001, about 1,5 years, and I enjoy it

    Now I stay @ java, and I have new company, tour and travel, I think I will make some tour package to logbook, with many kind class of trip, such as honeymoon trip, family trip, young and enjoying trip, and others..

    TX for your opinion about logbook with your 15 thinks…



  87. Hi Marcel ! thank you for your very usefull blog. We are going for 3 weeks in Bali and Lombok in August, all the family with 2 big children (13 and 19).
    I think we will stay arround 10 days in LOmbok.
    I’m not sure about the itinerary
    We could arrive by ferry boat, then perhaps first go south to KUTA and enjoy the beaches. On the way to Kuta is it a good idea to stop in Sekatong and go to Gili Nanggu ? or better to go to Kuta first and then come back to Nanggu for a day-trip ? In the Routard they recommand to see Sengkol village & market (?).
    Have you visited the Telebatu area ? (waterfalls, jungles, monkeys…villages) and also Gili Lampu (east coast) ? it is said to be very nice too, but I’m wondering if it’s worth crossing the island or if we can find the same in the south ou the west coast ?
    THen we would go to sengigi (or mangsit ? what’s the best ?) from there go north to see the waterfall, small trek in the jungle, hot springs, etc. Do you think it’s a good idea to stay a nignt in the north or better to do a one-day trip from senggigi ?
    THen we would go to the Gili Islands : Trewangan first (I hope it’s not crowded and horrible in high season ? is it worth going ? for the good atmosphere, the music, the lively place, etc.. ok.
    My son and husband want to do a tatoo, so at the end of our stay (2 days) we are looking for a good place (good hygiene and very good artist drawing since they want to do a big and quite delicate tatoo).
    What do you think of our itinerary ? in which order would you recommend us to travel, how long staying in each place ?
    Thank you in advance for your advices.

    1. Hi Dominique,
      Thank you for your comment – please note that this are many questions at once and I can’t answer all of them extensively 😉 If you have further questions to a specific place or topic, feel free to ask 🙂

      Yes it’s a good idea to visit Sekotong and the Gili Islands around! You might consider going there on a day trip and come back to Kuta afterwards. But you could also stay there since they have beautiful hotels as well (like Cocotinos)

      Oh yes, Tetebatu is awesome! Must-See! 😉 Nothing comparable in the South or West. If you want to enjoy the amazing view on Mount Rinjani, you should maybe even stay there one night and go to the viewpoints in the early morning since in the afternoon or lunchtime there are many clouds in the mountains. If you go to Tetebatu, let me know – I know a very nice guide. Because you should go with guide only since many of the rice terraces and viewpoints are private property.

      Senggigi itself doesn’t have the best beach, but you can do nice trips to the north along the coast road and see many beautiful beaches there and stay at one of them for half a day for example.

      Gili Trawangan is very crowded in high season, but you can still find one or another lonely spot around the island. For going out (live music, bars, party) it is perfect. Don’t miss to visit Gili Meno as well if you want some quiet lonely dream beaches.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know much about good tattoo studios, sorry I can’t give you good advice on this.

      I hope this was helpful for you anyway.

      Regards from Lombok

      1. Hello Marcel, thank you for your answer. It is indeed vey helpful for us to organise our itinerary. Thank you very much for your help. Best wishes. Dominique

  88. Hey awesome stuff! I’m planning on flying in and bringing my bicycle around to tour the island. I thoroughly love bicycle touring. Is it possible to camp on any of these beaches? I will have 2 weeks. Will consider just hanging out in Lombok, but might take the ferry over to West Nusa Tengarra. How are the roads? Also, any advice on that ferry over there? If I want to see most of the sites do you recommend heading from the airport south to the beaches down there then making my way to the Gili islands?


    1. Hi Stephen,

      Thanks! You can basically camp anywhere – I think many Indonesians do that as well. You only have to know that it might not be safe probably in SOME parts of South Lombok since there have been some crime reports recently 🙁

      The biggest part of the roads is easily accessible with bicycle. However, in East/Southeast Lombok there are sometimes really bad streets but I think with your Mountain bike it shouldn’t be a problem.

      I actually never used the ferry from East Lombok to Sumbawa. But I hope my info was helpful for you anyway – if you have further questions, feel free to ask 🙂


  89. Hi Marcel,

    It’s really a breathtaking reading your post and scrolling those pictures. May you suggest the best area to stay for a PWD like me? I am using a wheelchair to move.

    1. Hi Nor,

      Thanks for your comment!
      With a wheelchair I think it’s best to stay in Senggigi, however, partially the sidewalks are sometimes not the best and probably not always accessible with a wheelchair. But only some parts, as far as I remember. If you stay in a good resort/hotel, there shouldn’t be any problems at all.

  90. Hi, Great Post! My fiancée and I are headed to Bali and Lombok for our honeymoon. We’ve decided to stay 3 nights in Ubud and then head over to Lombok for the rest of our stay. We have 5 whole days (not including days travelling to/from Lombok) and would like to do the Rinjani Trek, see the waterfalls and pink beach and maybe spend a day or two in Kuta for some beachy time. I know our time is tight but do you think this is possible?

    1. Hi Emily,

      Well, you could combine the waterfalls with Rinjani Trekking since the famous ones are in the Rinjani National Park. Depending on the length of your trekking tour (min. 2 days), I think you could also visit Kuta or Pink Beach afterwards.

  91. Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for sharing this useful info. We are planning to visit Lombok from Singapore from 15th June to 21st June.
    We want to spend 3 days in Lombok and 3 days in Gilis. I have a 10 months old baby so want to check if public ferry or private would be better and will they allow a 10th month old baby on boat.


    1. Hi Joe,

      You’re welcome. Do you mean a boat from Lombok to Gilis?
      If so, I would recommend you to charter a boat, which is obviously a little but more expensive. You can use the cheap public boats from Bangsal but they are not always comfortable or sometimes really full. So I think it would be too much stress with a baby and your luggage there.


  92. Hello.

    Thank you it was a very nice highlights on all that. But i wonder why not under the title “Waterfalls” you did not highlight the “Sendang Gila & Tiu Kelep” waterfalls stated near Mount Rinjani National Park which i guess that is the main waterfalls attraction to tourists and simply a breathtaking view. I’ve never been there but soon early June hopefully I will. You should google it 😀

    1. Hi Afif,

      Good point. Of course I know about these waterfalls since they are very famous here.
      Thanks for the comment – I will update the article 😉

  93. Hi Marcel,

    I am planning to visit Lombok end of June. What is the cost like to snorkel on Gili ?

    I plan to stay in Senggigi and Kuta. Any hotels that you would suggest price range in between USD 40-70?

    1. Hi,
      Do you mean the price for a snorkeling trip? Actually, I’ve never done it – I always rented some snorkeling gear and did it by myself on all islands. The prices are ok in my opinion (I forgot the exact rental price to be honest since it’s been a while), but if you wanna stay longer on the Gilis or do it more often, you should maybe consider bringing your own snorkeling gear. Some masks you can rent don’t always have the best quality.

      In Kuta there are not many hotels yet. The best one would probably be Novotel (but it’s expensive). If you want a cheap but good homestay, you should check out Bule Homestay or Banyu Urip.

      For your price range in Senggigi, I would recommend Kebun Villas, The Santosa or Jo Je.

      1. Thanks for your advice. I am still wondering is it more lively in Senggigi or Kuta at night time. i would prefer if there is a night market to walk around and get some souvenirs

        1. You’re welcome!
          Then you should probably consider Senggigi, there are a few more shops/markets. For souvenirs and stuff you can check out the Pasar Seni (art market) after the Santosa Resort.

    2. I would to offers my service as tour guide with competitif price

      you can save your money….

      I’m Indonesian who live at Lombok, I’m employee at goverment office, I work as part timer tour guide

      if you any question please email me at d417dy_a@yahoo.com

  94. Lombok Island is paradise to escape from hectic of works life. With white sandy beach, beautifull panorama, colorfull underwater’s life, and spectacular views of Mount Rinjani make you feel in world paradise… 🙂

  95. Can you tell me how recently you took these pictures and visited? I’ve heard mixed reviews about Kuta as a town … any help would be great!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Which specific pictures are you referring to? Most of the photos are about 2 years old, some are newer. Some things have changed at Kuta Beach, but the surrounding beaches like Tanjung Aan, Selong Belanak etc. basically still look the same. Kuta itself is not very spectacular – that’s right.

  96. Hi Marcel,

    We are planning to visit Bali during end of May, 2015 with my 19 months kid. We are planning to stay 3 days in lombok and 4 days in Bali. In lombok we want to take 1 day gilli tour and 1 day lombok tour. We have limited budget.
    What is the best and also reasonable way to travel to lombok from bali ( From denpasar/ Kuta area)? Is it possible to book tours after reaching to lombok? or we need to prebook those?
    Can you give an idea of the estimated cost of the tours?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,
      Well, the cheapest way would probably be the public ferry (which takes about 5 hours from Padang Bai, Bali). Find more information here: https://homeiswhereyourbagis.com/en/how-do-i-get-from-bali-to-the-gili-islands/

      Yes, in the tourist areas (like Senggigi or Kuta Lombok) you can also book tours spontaneously for the next day etc. Normally, there shouldn’t be any problems and prebookings many days before are not necessary.

      Actually I don’t know about exact prices since I always travel on my own or with local friends. Also, I think it’s depending on the tourist office and the season probably. At most of the tourist offices in Senggigi or Kuta you will find prices on the outside of the shop. Depending on your hotel/homestay, you will be able to book tours directly from there.

      Hope I could help you 😉

    2. Hi Marcel, I am Chandra from Lombok, i could help some information about tour package and many more about lombok destination if need it. i hope it could be help somebody who will be going to lombok.

      best regards

      1. Hi, is November a good and safe period for staying in Bali/Lombok/Gili ? I have a group of 8-10 pcs and now I am in the process of logistics for the trip. Chandra, please get in touch with me as we might need some local Agency to arrange some trips. Regards, Adam

      2. Hi,

        i would like to know the package that can offer for my trip to lombok on 21 Jul – 24 jul 2016.


  97. I am a planning a visit this June with my husband and 2 children aged 8 and 2. We want to just chill, enjoy the beach, swimming pool, visit the waterfall and others that is easy for my 2 year old. However my budget for hotel is about USD130 – 150/ night. Do you have any recommendation please? And any activities that I should not miss? Thinking of spending another 3 nights in Gili is possible as well. Appreciate your advise. Thanks.

    1. At the end of this article, below the map, there are some hotel recommendations. Do you already know in which place you want to stay on Lombok? I think the Kebun Villas or Qunci Villas might be really good options for you. They both have nice infinity pools with great views – but only if you want to stay in or near Senggigi.

      Yes, you should definitely visit the Gilis! Maybe it’s a good option for you to take a chartered/speed boat from Lombok to the Gilis since it might be a little bit stressful with 2 kids to go by public boat.

      Have a great time on Lombok! 🙂

  98. Hi Marcel, I’m planning to go to Lombok for about 4 days, I got few questions. Which Gili island near Senggigi is better? and I’m planning to stay within the Gili island like Air, Trawangan and Meno any recommended hotels in the area? Planning to do Snorkeling and Diving, recommended diving shop who offers these? and lastly aside from enjoying the beach, diving and the food, anything else I can do within this 4 days?

    1. Hi Bjorn,
      It’s depending on what you want. If you want to have some quiet and relaxed days, you should visit Gili Meno or Air. If you wanna have more hustle and bustle, visit Gili Trawangan. There are even many nice quiet places on Trawangan, but don’t miss Meno since there you can find the most beautiful beaches and water in my opinion.

      There are so many hotels from low-budget to high-class on the 3 islands, so I need to know what’s your budget. I have to admit, I never tried diving before so I can’t recommend you a diving shop actually. I will try next time probably 🙂

      Well, 4 days are actually not much for Lombok PLUS the Gilis. You can spend 2-3 days on the Gilis and when in Senggigi, rent a motorbike and go north. You will find nice views and beaches there. Also, you could do a waterfall hike. They have amazing waterfalls on Lombok.

      1. Thanks Marcel!! This really helped a lot. last question, agoda have listed hotels to stay in for Gili Trawangan? My budget will be $70-100 for one person.

    1. I rented my bike from a small shop at the main road of Senggigi, but unfortunately I forgot the name. 😀 It was located in the center of Senggigi, not far from the Santosa Hotel but on the opposite side of the street. Actually, there are several shops at the main road and they normally have the same prices (last time it was 50.000 per day). Just take a look at the bikes before you sign a contract, if they look old don’t take it.

      1. Hi Marcel, if I rent a scooter do they need bike license? Because I don’t have a bike license. I plan to travel from Senggigi – Pemenang – Benang Stokel Waterfalls – Pink Beach – Tanjung Aan – Kuta – Mawun Beach- Selong Belanak by scooter. Do you think this journey need two days or just a full day trip?

        1. Hi Lenna,

          Officially, you need an international license, yes. But no bike shop will ask you actually about your license. 😉 You might get into a police control and – depending on the policeman – they will ask for that and if you don’t have it, you probably get fined. But normally, you just give the cop 50.000 Rupiah and that’s it – you can go on. 😉 Just make sure that you always wear a helmet. You gonna have more trouble over a missing helmet than a missing driver’s license.

          You will definitely need more than 1 day since Lombok is quite huge and the streets are not the best in the south (especially around Pink Beach the roads are REALLY bad). I think to really enjoy this route you should at least plan 2 days, maybe even 3 so you don’t have to rush.

          1. Hi Marcel,

            Thank you for your advice! 😀

            Since, I will be planning to travel alone do you think it is safe for me to ride alone? Or, do you know anyone in Lombok who can drive for me?

            Thanks. 😀

          2. You’re welcome 🙂

            Many routes you can basically drive alone. When you want to go to Pink Beach for example, you should better hire a driver since the roads are really bad in southeast Lombok. Better don’t drive alone in the dark in south Lombok (especially Kuta area). There are some stories about robberies and so on. I think that’s it…

            For a driver, maybe just check out the local tourist offices in Senggigi, there you can easily find someone 😉

  99. Lombok island is one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. The most interesting place in this island is Mount Rinjani. I have plan to visit this place this year.

      1. We are going to be in Lombok on the 1st may for one day only, off the cruise ship for about 8hrs. will like to work out a tour if can.

  100. hey marcel,

    im from belgium and i was planning to stay 3 nights at Lombok and two nights at gili island.
    Im going als a honeymoon with my wife is there a good hotel with a good price for couples ? and also where is the best beaches for couples where you have a bit privacy like seculed

    Thank you

    1. Hi Bob,
      I had a fantastic stay at Kebun Villas or for the higher budget I can also recommend Qunci Villas near Senggigi (see also hotel recommendations). However, Kebun Villas is not located directly at the beach but it’s totally quiet and secluded there.

      I don’t know what’s your budget, but another good option might be the Jeeva Beloam in south east Lombok, which is located at a beautiful private beach accessible for resort’s guests only.

      Hope this is helpful for you – I wish you an amazing time on Lombok & the Gilis!!!

  101. Great post, I’m taking a trip to Bali but would love to do a side trip to Lombok. It’s only a 2 week trip though, do you think that’d be enough time just for a quick jaunt? Would you choose one island over the other?

    Many thanks for the tips!!

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Thanks 🙂 Is it your first time to Indonesia? If so, Bali is definitely a good choice and one week on Lombok is ok in my opinion, too. Are u planning a trip to the Gili Islands as well ?

      Personally, I would always prefer Lombok since Bali is really crowded in many places. But it doesn’t mean I would never go to Bali again 😉


      1. Agree Marcel. I have been Bali before. It really crowded.
        Im Planning go to Lombok. If 5 days can i covered 90% of the attraction/places in Lombok?


        1. Well, I think so. 5 days should be enough if you’re not planning a Rinjani trek or a stay on the Gili Islands. Then 5 days wouldn’t be enough in my opinion.

  102. Hi Marcel, tks for your useful tips. Any recommendation for a walk/trek with kids (5 & 8 yo)? Is it possible to see part of the Rinjani, or waterfalls?

    1. You’re welcome 🙂

      Actually I’ve done a waterfall hike to Tiu Teja before with my nephews (almost same age). You can go there as well (see here: https://homeiswhereyourbagis.com/en/tiu-teja-the-rainbow-waterfall-in-the-north-of-lombok). The only exhausting part might be the stairs at the end of the trek, but still possible for kids if you walk slowly.

      The hike to Benang Kelambu waterfall or Benang Stokel was even slightly easier in my opinion. By the way, visited this place also with the kids 😉

  103. Hi Marcel,

    Are you local people from Lombok? 🙂
    I am planning to do trekking for Rinjani. Any recommendation on the agency?

    Will be in Lombok from 29Apr to 6th May. Aside from Rinjani, Wjhat other activity you will be recommending?


    1. Hi Clifford,

      No, we’re from Germany but I’ve stayed and lived on Lombok for quite a while and I’m often there.
      Regarding the trekking, you might check out http://www.greenrinjani.com

      I don’t know what kind of activities you like, but other nice activities would be probably a waterfall hike or diving/snorkeling at the Gili Islands.


  104. Hey Marcel,

    So I’m taking my gf on a trip to Lombok the first week in April, I was thinking to rent a scooter/motorcycle to beach hop, hike ranjini, and see the Gili Islands. Is 6 day 5 nights enough to do all that? I know the rainy season prevents hikes until its over, which is normally the end of March, but assuming it goes long, we might miss the window to hike all together. Any suggestions of things to do instead, for two people that dont dive? Thanks.


    1. Hi Logan,

      I’m afraid that won’t be enough to really enjoy everything, considering the Rinjani trekking takes at least 2-3 days. If you wanna visit only the Gilis besides the Rinjani, it should be enough. But when you add Senggigi and the north + Kuta (where many of the nice beaches are located), you will need a couple of more days on Lombok.

      In case you can’t do the trekking, you should consider visiting some of the waterfalls. On Lombok there are many beautiful ones.


      1. Marcel,

        You’re the man! I appreciate your feedback. I think since we’ll be there close the rainy season, we’ll leave the mountain for another time. I guess its just a matter of whether we do the north and the Gili Islands before or after the beaches down south now. These are good problems to have. And I’ll see about adding in the Monkey Forest and the waterfalls as well. Thanks again!

  105. “In contrast to Bali, Lombok and the rest of Indonesia are Muslim.”
    This is incorrect. Nusa Tenggara (Lesser Sunda Islands) is a perfect example why Indonesia is ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’ (Unity in Diversity). Bali is mainly a Hindu island, but go east and you’ll find the Muslim-majority Lombok, go further east and you’ll arrive in the strongly Catholic island of Flores 🙂

    1. Hi Ari,
      you’re totally right. I should mention the Christian minority as well or at least write “mainly Muslim” – I’m gonna change that. Thanks for your comment 🙂


      1. Hey Marcel,

        My bride-to-be and I are thinking about Bali/Lombok for our honeymoon from June 21 – July 5th this year. Since that is during Ramadan, will we have issues finding places to eat and ways to get around?

        Thanks in advance!

        1. Hi Chas,

          On Bali you don’t have to worry at all – Ramadan doesn’t really affect Bali since the vast majority is Hindu. In Lombok’s tourist spots you will also find a place to eat. Probably some Muslim Warungs/cook-shops will be closed at daytime but that’s basically it. There are still many shops and restaurants owned by Western, Balinese and Chinese people. Hotels are also not affected by Ramadan because of tourism.

          When it comes to transportation, I only noticed that flights are getting slightly more expensive. When you book early enough, you shouldn’t have any issues.

          Enjoy your honeymoon and have a great trip 🙂

  106. Interesting mixed of suggestions, and really good mix for people like me looking for a good itinerary. Do you have any suggestions on where to stay? For example, if I take your advise and motorbike my way to Mawun, Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak, where’s the best but still very affordable place to stay?

    And to be honest, I’m quite torn on whether to go hike up Rinjani (tours are quite expensive) or just go around and explore other places.

    1. Hi Joan,

      I’d recommend you to stay in Kuta, South Lombok for a few days. So you can rent a scooter for like 2 days and explore these beaches.

      If you want a low-budget accommodation, you can check out some of the plenty homestays. Most of them are cheap (depending on season) but still nice. AC, TV, hot water etc. is often available. Fan rooms are obviously even way cheaper.

      I liked the ‘Banyu Urip’ homestay very much. If you want to stay in a hotel with pool etc. you can choose the ‘Kutah Indah’.

  107. Going there come Feb 2015 with 12 high school friends!!!
    Feeling very excited already…
    Any recommendation on lodging?

  108. GITA NADA ( Gili Tangkong, Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak ) Sekotong – Lombok Barat. Have very good views they are my favorite ones.

  109. Thanks for the tips! Just come back to Indonesia, and find other beautiful places that you should visit and stay.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Gita. I know this website already and I like to read it now and then 😉 I will definitely come back to Indonesia very soon and see more awesome places in this lovely country!

  110. Lombok is an ideal place for those looking for a private holiday away from the hustle and bustle of a normal tourist destination. Nothing happens quickly in Lombok and visitors who are stressed from their daily lives find Lombok a delightful place to unwind….

  111. For me, Lombok is the miniature of Indonesian country. Because you can find out everythings are in Indonesia..
    Love ♥Lombok so bad…. It’s always make me wanna come back to Lombok …

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