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Who are we? What is Home is where your Bag is all about and which articles you should read first? All this you’ll get to know on this page.

Who is writing here?

We are Marcel and Tobi, two travel junkies, Flashpackers and Digital Nomads. If you wanna know more about us, take a look at our “About us” page.

What is “Home is where your Bag is” all about?

  • The main focus is on travel destinations in Southeast Asia
  • Insiders’ and secret tips
  • Help for your travel planning and choosing your travel destinations
  • The best beaches and sights
  • Everything else you need to know before your trip to Southeast Asia
  • Exciting and curious travel stories and videos
  • Recommendations for the best accommodations
  • Food guides
  • Our tips and experience reports for Digital Nomads

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  • The ideal packing list for your Southeast Asia trip (coming soon)

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