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The city often referred to as the little sister of Chiang Mai boasts a beautiful old town, city walls, a moat, and some truly remarkable temples. Lamphun was once the capital of the Lanna kingdom, thus having a significant historical legacy. It offers many lovely attractions and cafes, which I will introduce to you here.

5 Insider Tips in Lamphun and Surroundings

Unlike Chiang Mai, only a few tourists find their way here. Therefore, the city has a very special charm and has preserved its Thai flair.

In addition to the monasteries, temples, and other well-described tourist attractions in many guidebooks, there are also some true hidden gems in and around the city. Enjoy discovering the sights and things to do in Lamphun!

1. Kruba Srivichai Monument

Not far from the city, there is a large statue of the highly venerable Kruba Srivichai, a very significant monk of the last century. He played a crucial role in the development of the region and made significant contributions, especially in creating infrastructure and improving the living conditions of ordinary people.

The impressive Kruba Sivichai Monument in Lamphun
The impressive Kruba Sivichai Monument in Lamphun

The small monastery around his monument, Wat Doi Ti, is really hard to miss. Just drive towards the large monk, and you will immediately find a parking lot at his feet, from where you can comfortably walk up. At the base of the monk, there is a magnificent terrace with a wonderful view of the entire region. Highly recommended at sunrise!

View of the mountain landscape from the Kruba Sivichai Monument in Lamphun, Thailand
View from the monument overlooking the surroundings

2. Coffee from Lamphun

This is another Lamphun thing to do that can’t be missed! After that, I recommend one of the many truly lovely cafes in Lamphun. Particularly noteworthy are the cafes dedicated to the Slow Coffee movement. Here, everything takes a bit longer, everything is celebrated, everything is prepared with care, diligence, and special devotion. Take your time and enjoy a coffee grown in the region at S’Kov Coffee.

This coffee comes from the only village in Lamphun Province where coffee is grown. It originates from the Hmong people, one of the many hill tribes living in Thailand.

S'Kov Coffee, one of the recommended cafes in Lamphun, Thailand

3. Shiva Cave between Lamphun and Ban Hong (Tham Thep Namitra)

Once you’ve rejuvenated your spirits, you should embark on a search and discover some special and unknown places. Between Lamphun and Ban Hong, a bit hidden in the forest, there is a cave with a breathtaking Shiva statue. This is a true hidden gem and one of the Lamphun attractions not found in every guidebook.

This monument will take your breath away when you enter the cave. You should be in good physical condition and able to climb stairs. However, real climbing is not required. It’s also advisable to bring a good flashlight to explore the rear part of the cave with its wonderful stalactites and intricate Buddhist figures. The cave is dedicated to three women, whose exact history I have unfortunately not been able to uncover to this day.

See if you can find all three statues of the ladies in the cave. They are life-sized, made of wood, and with some luck, you will find all three.

Shiva Statue in a cave in Lamphun, Thailand

In Thai, the place is signposted as ถ้ำเทพนมิตรา (Tham Thep Namitra). You can find more information and the exact location here.

4. Lanna Land

Enchanted by this place, I recommend a visit to Lanna Land. Named after the ancient kingdom, this small modern cafe is equipped with some unique features. There’s a small skywalk, animals to pet, an old VW bus to sit and relax in, as well as an excellent kitchen that offers both Thai and some European dishes. Attentive staff and authentic flavors are guaranteed. All of this at local prices, so it’s really affordable.

5. In the belly of the earth: Tham Luang Pha Wiang

Naga statues at the entrance of Tham Luang Pha Wiang Cave in Lamphun, Thailand
Entrance to Tham Luang Pha Wiang Cave with colorful Naga statues

“Tham” (or “Tam”) is the Thai word for cave. Are you up for another breathtaking cave? Tham Luang is one of the largest caves in this area and one of the best Lamphun things to do. Located above a monastery in the forest, it’s a fantastic place to delve deep into the mountain.

Inside Tham Luang Pha Wiang Cave in Lamphun

For a small donation towards the electricity, the monks are happy to turn on the lights. But don’t forget to strike the gong in the entrance area! The spirits of the cave should know that you are there and protect you. Please also bring flashlights, as the rear area is not electrified, and it is incredibly exciting to follow the path to the last chamber. However, you should not be afraid of bats, as there are thousands of them here.

Please be sure to observe: Try not to scare the animals and disturb them as little as possible. Thailand also has strict laws protecting these small flying creatures.

Perhaps you are even lucky enough to see one of the wonderful Beauty Rat Snakes, a snake species completely harmless to humans, specialized in catching bats. This snake carries its name for a reason because it is truly beautiful.

For each of these Lamphun attractions and many others, you can find a short video on my YouTube channel (currently only available in German). I’m not a professional filmmaker. I do this purely as a hobby and out of my enthusiasm for this wonderful nature, the landscape, the people, and the delicious food. So please bear with me and I’d be delighted if you visit my YouTube channel and maybe even subscribe.

About the Author

Stefan Kluth has been living in Northern Thailand for several years, gradually exploring the world there. People, festivals, markets, and the breathtaking nature. You can find his exploration tours on YouTube. His wife Sopha rents a guesthouse to interested visitors and gladly provides valuable tips for excursions in the area.

Have you ever been to Lamphun and discovered the attractions? In your opinion, which Lamphun things to do (and insider tips) absolutely belong on this list?

Photos: Photo 2 (View from the monument): Galina Ivankovich/shutterstock.com – Photo 6 (Cave): MOMARKCRESCENDO/shutterstock.com