Koh Phayam – idyll on Thailand’s hippie island (video)

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A GoPro video from Koh Phayam should not be missed! During my four-days stay on probably one of Thailand’s most relaxed islands I captured all the highlights on video.

You can see the following places in the video: The Koh Phayam pier, Long Beach (Ao Yai), Buffalo Bay (Ao Khao Kwai), the Hippie Bar, Monkey Bay (Ao Kwang Peeb), Ao Ko Kyu, Wat Koh Phayam (the Pier Temple) and Ao Mae Mai.

Enjoy the Koh Phayam video! On our YouTube channel you can find even more videos from our travels across Southeast Asia, especially Thailand. Have a look and subscribe now, so you won’t miss any in the future!

Have you been to Koh Phayam? How did you like it? We also appreciate every feedback to our video.

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One comment on "Koh Phayam – idyll on Thailand’s hippie island (video)"

  1. oh! This is sweet. I’ve never been in Koh Phayam before but my friend does. Thanks for the video. Look like Ao ko kyu is beautiful. I’ll never miss putting this on my list.

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