Lombok vacation: 8 reasons why you should spend your vacation in Lombok

Lombok Vacation: 8 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Vacation in Lombok

The island Lombok is becoming more and more popular as a vacation destination. There are many amazing places to see.

Boracay Video

Boracay: The Most Beautiful Beaches and More (Video)

In this GoPro video we take you to the Philippine island Boracay, that has one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia: the White Beach.

The ultimate Boracay beach guide - all beaches, all information

The Ultimate Boracay Beach Guide – All Beaches, All Information

Boracay is admittedly very touristy, but it offers many amazing dream beaches! Here we show you all the important beaches of the island.

Port Barton Video

Why You Absolutely Should Visit Port Barton (Video)

Port Barton is a small fishing village in the west of Palawan and absolutely worth a visit! We show you in this report and video why.

10 Highlights You Can Experience in El Nido

Heavenly dream beaches, hidden lagoons, exciting tours, cool people, cheap beer - you can experience all of this in El Nido.

El Nido Video

El Nido – Paradise and Back Again (Video)

We looked for the most beautiful beaches and lagoons in El Nido. If we have found them you can see it in this video.

Malaria on Lombok - why the panic?

Malaria on Lombok – Why the Panic?

Often travelers ask us how it is with malaria in Lombok. Is there really a high risk of malaria? Do I need malaria prophylaxis? You can find all the answers here.

Koh Phangan Video

Koh Phangan – 5 Weeks on My Favorite Island (Video)

A video from Koh Phangan of our 5 weeks stay in September and October 2014. Here you can see some highlights of the island.

One day in Manila

One Day in Manila

Manila isn't the most popular city in Southeast Asia. Many people will even discourage you from visiting it. But why? We gave Manila a chance and spent one day there.

Your key to an idyllic Lombok - Qunci Villas

Your Key to an Idyllic Lombok – Qunci Villas

Directly located at Mangsit Beach - approximately 5 minutes away from Senggigi - you can find Qunci Villas. A hotel with almost 80 rooms, private and luxury villas.

The perfect packing list for your Southeast Asia trip

The Perfect Packing List for Your Southeast Asia Trip

We've been traveling through Southeast Asia for over 4 years and have learned a lot about packing. With this packing list you're perfectly equipped!

Gili Islands Video

Welcome Back to the Gilis! (Video)

The video from our second visit to the Gili Islands triggers immediately wanderlust with us. Join us virtually on the Gili Islands.