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Dreaming of a trip to Down Under? Then don’t miss the following 11 cities in Australia! From the world metropolis Sydney to the historic coastal city Albany – these places will show you the diverse beauty of Australia.

11 fascinating cities you must visit in Australia

The skyline of Sydney in Australia
The famous metropolis Sydney

And so you can really make the most of your trip, we also have two secret tips for you that are off the beaten tourist path. Although we should always be careful with the word secret tip, they are still nice places that not everyone has on their radar during a trip to Australia.

Traveling individually in Australia is particularly fun and it is worth visiting the great metropolises, but also the smaller places. Have fun discovering the cities of Australia!

1. Sydney

Whether you’re visiting Sydney for the first or the xth time, the city always has something to offer! We would always go back there. Admire the famous Opera House, stroll across the Harbour Bridge or explore the bustling streets in the Surry Hills neighborhood. A highlight is also a boat ride on the harbor, from which you can admire the city skyline from a whole new perspective.

The famous Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia
The famous Opera House in Sydney (Sydney Opera House)

You can find more about Sydney here in our Sydney article (English version coming soon).

2. Melbourne

Melbourne is also an absolute must-visit and fascinated us a lot! Melbourne is considered the cultural capital of Australia and rightly so. The city offers an incredible variety of museums, theaters, and concert halls. The nightlife in Melbourne is also a real highlight. With the many bars and clubs, you won’t get bored in the evenings either.

One of the most important cities in Australia - the Melbourne skyline

3. Brisbane

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia and has a lot to offer. Discover the lively city center with its numerous cafes, restaurants and bars. A highlight is a ride on the Brisbane River ferry, where you can see the city and its skyline from a completely different perspective. A walk in the Botanical Garden (Brisbane City Botanic Gardens) is also beautiful. For a great view of the city and its skyline, you can visit the Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park.

View of Brisbane skyline in Australia from Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park
Aussicht auf die Skyline von Brisbane vom Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park

4. Perth

Perth is the sunniest and most western metropolitan area in Australia. Here you will find a lively city with a beautiful beach promenade and many parks. Don’t miss Kings Park, one of the largest inner-city parks in the world with a beautiful view of the skyline. Definitely worth a visit.

When it comes to beaches, you should explore the area around Perth – for example, Quinns Beach. You can find more attractions in Perth in the blog (English version coming soon).

5. Adelaide

Let’s move on to the next highlight of Australia’s cities. Adelaide is a cosmopolitan city in the south of the country and known for its lively cultural scene. You will also find numerous theaters, concert halls, and museums here. A visit to the Adelaide Central Market, the city’s largest market with a huge selection of fresh food and specialties, should not be missed. Another must-see is a walk along North Terrace, where many of the city’s most important landmarks are located.

View of St Peter's Cathedral in Adelaide, Australia
View of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide

6. Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a true paradise for beach lovers like us! Here you will find kilometer-long beaches with crystal-clear water and a lively surfing scene. An unforgettable attraction is the SkyPoint Observation Deck, from which you have a breathtaking view of the city and the sea.

Gold Coast is located only about an hour’s drive from Brisbane. Thus, a visit can be combined very well.

Beautiful view of Gold Coast and the sea from the SkyPoint Observation Deck in Australia
Beautiful view of Gold Coast and the sea from the SkyPoint Observation Deck

7. Cairns

Cairns is the gateway to the famous Great Barrier Reef, one of the largest natural wonders of the world. Here, you can explore the reef by boat while snorkeling or diving. You can also experience Australia’s exceptional wildlife, as the rainforest areas around Cairns are a real highlight. Another unique experience is a ride on the cable car to Mount Whitfield, where you have a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

8. Darwin

Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory and is worth a visit for those who want to experience the nature of northern Australia. Here, you’ll find numerous parks, waterfalls, and nature reserves. A great experience is also a visit to the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, where you can learn about the history and culture of the Aborigines, among other things. It is located directly at the port of Darwin.

9. Hobart

From the north, it goes all the way down to the south. Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and known for its beautiful old town, picturesque beaches, and rich cultural history. Here, you’ll find numerous historic buildings, museums, and galleries. The exploration of Salamanca Place, a historic harbor district with many cafes, restaurants, and shops, is beautiful. A must-see is a visit high up on Mount Wellington, where you have a breathtaking view of the city and its surroundings.

View from Mount Wellington in Hobart, Australia
Viewpoint on Mount Wellington

10. Townsville (Hidden Gem)

Townsville is a charming city on the north coast of Queensland with many beautiful beaches in the surrounding area. It is known for its boardwalk, its art and cultural scene, and as a starting point for trips to islands such as Magnetic Island and Orpheus Island. Of course, the Great Barrier Reef, like in Cairns, is also a popular excursion destination here. Townsville is about 1300 km north of Brisbane, the nearest major city, and 350 km from Cairns.

11. Albany (Hidden Gem)

Albany is a small hidden gem on the south coast of Western Australia and a true gem. As beach lovers, you’ll love it, as there are some breathtaking (and still partly deserted) beaches in the surrounding area. There are also some exciting viewpoints, such as the Albany Wind Farm, the Mount Clarence Summit, The Gap and Natural Bridge. The city is located about 400 km south of Perth.

A view of the coast near Albany in Australia from the Albany Wind Farm Viewpoint
Albany Wind Farm Viewpoint near Albany

Have you ever visited one of these cities in Australia? Which other Australian cities would you recommend? We would love to hear your experiences and tips.

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