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A visit to the island of Langkawi – in the northwest of Malaysia – is for most tourists only a holiday at the beach among nice restaurants. The reason is many sights are not quite famous and a lot of couples are just relaxing during their honeymoon. But there is one sight which is almost visited by everyone who comes to Langkawi – the Oriental Village with the famous Sky Bridge.

You can reach the Oriental Village, which is located northwest from the airport, within 15 minutes by taxi and it will take you about 45 minutes from the main town of Kuah. From the Cenang Beach, where we had our accommodation, it’s a drive of about half an hour. The prices are hardly negotiable because the drivers got some fixed prices to the various tourist attractions. From the Cenang Beach to the Oriental Village the price was about 52 Ringgit, so for the two of us about € 6 each.

The ride to the Oriental Village itself is not very spectacular, but the view from the mountain Gunung Mat Cincang, the second highest mountain of the island, is really stunning. In the man-made village you can take a walk around and buy some souvenirs before you visit the main attraction – the Cable Car and the Sky Bridge.

Oriental Village on Langkawi, Malaysia

A lake with paddle boats in the Oriental Village on Langkawi

Normally, like we were told, there is a long line and you need to expect some waiting time. Luckily, this time it was different and so we could buy our tickets for 30 Ringgit (about € 7) and enjoy the ride to the top of the mountain without even a minute of waiting.

Entrance to the Cable Car of the Oriental Village on Langkawi

View at the Oriental Village from the Cable Car

About 5 minutes later you will arrive at the middle station of the Cable Car ride. Nice for taking some quick photos before you go to the top of the mountain with a height of more than 700 meters. During the further ride we had the pleasure to share our gondola with 2 monks, who also shot one picture after another with their latest iPhone. 😉

View at Langkawi from the middle station of the Cable Car ride
View at Langkawi from the middle station of the Cable Car ride

First Cable Car station in the Oriental Village

Monks in the Cable Car on Langkawi
Even monks apparently like to visit this place 😉

Station at the top of the Cable Car on Langkawi in the Oriental Village

On the top there is a fantastic view and if the weather conditions are good enough you can see the mainland of Thailand from the viewing platform. From here you can also reach the Sky Bridge, which isn’t exactly at the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, the bridge was closed for some maintenance work – too bad for us!

View from the top of the Cable Car, Langkawi

Tobi with the view from the Langkawi Cable Car view point

The Sky Bridge at the Oriental Village
The Sky Bridge
Sky Bridge closed for repair works
Closed for some repair works…

Viewing platform in the Oriental Village, Langkawi

In case you didn’t bring any water or snacks, there is a little shop at the left viewing platform where you can buy some refreshments. Maybe a little bit more expensive than down in the village but if you are really thirsty, you certainly don’t have a choice. 😉 After several pictures and enjoying the view for a while, we headed back down to the Oriental Village.

Cable Car in the Oriental Village, Langkawi

Marcel in the Cable Car on Langkawi

Cable Car route on Langkawi
And we are heading down…

In the village you can shop, relax or visit some other attractions like the Animal Farm, the Elephant Adventure, the Tiger Exhibition etc. All the information you need can be found on the website of the Oriental Village. A nice day trip, which can only be recommended!

Exit of the Oriental Village on Langkawi