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Hong Kong is also known as the Hollywood of the East. The Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district is the Asian version of the Walk of Fame in L.A. Anyone who’s anyone in Hong Kong’s film industry is immortalized on the Avenue of Stars.

Visiting the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

A 450-meter-long promenade in southern Kowloon on the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade (near the Star Ferry piers) with a breathtaking view of the skyline of Hong Kong Island. If you’re traveling to Hong Kong, you should plan a visit to the Avenue of Stars.

How to get to Hong Kong

To travel to Hong Kong, there are many options. The most used is certainly the airplane, because not only from the Asian countries, but also from Europe and America there are direct flights to Hong Kong. Various airlines such as Emirates, Finnair, Cathay Pacific fly to Hong Kong and you can get a good overview on Skyscanner. There you can also easily compare prices.

The second option, if you are coming from China, is the train. There are connections to Hong Kong from Shanghai, Guangzhou or even Beijing. The boat would be another variant, e.g. from neighboring Macau, if it was your first destination. For more information about getting to Hong Kong and tickets that you can book conveniently before your trip, check out our partner 12go.asia.

Accommodation in Hong Kong – our hotel tip

Located in the heart of Kowloon, Hotel Ease Mong Kok is just a minute’s walk from the Yau Ma Tei Station on the MTR train. The rooms are spread over 20 floors and offer great views of the city skyline. They are equipped with private bathroom, air conditioning, TV, safe and a small desk. A good starting point to explore Hong Kong.

The Hotel Ease Mong Kok in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Room in the Hotel Ease Mong Kok

Find more hotels in Hong Kong in other parts of Kowloon or on Hong Kong Island here.

The Avenue of Stars

Upon arrival at the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong, starting at the Salisbury Garden, it’s best to walk along the railing along the waterfront to not miss anything. On our first visit in 2013, the handprints and stars, similar to the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, were still in the ground. After the renovation, these are now in the railing since 2019.

Waterfront at the Avenue of Stars with a view of Hong Kong Island

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Hong Kong movies, you’ll definitely recognize some stars such as Jet Li, Jackie Chan, John Woo, or martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Perhaps you’ll discover other Asian movie stars that are familiar to you, and even if you don’t, the handprints and plaques with the skyline of Hong Kong Island are still a great photo opportunity.

Jackie Chan's handprint on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

Bruce Lee's plaque at the railing of the Avenue of Stars in Kowloon, Hong Kong

As mentioned earlier, the promenade is about 450 meters long and offers a view of the skyline and new things to discover, such as the statue of McDull. The golden young pig is a well-known comic character in Hong Kong and is essentially an ambassador for the Hong Kong animation industry.

Golden pig on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

View of the Hong Kong Island skyline from the Avenue of Stars

By the way, you will reach the end of the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars at Starbucks. Currently, there is the Bronze statue of Bruce Lee here. It stands on the water, which flows under the feet of Bruce Lee and thus brings his most famous quote to life: Be water, my friend.

Bruce Lee statue at Starbucks, Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

The Bruce Lee Way on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

A visit to the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars is highly recommended, not just for martial arts fans. A walk is worth it just for the many photo opportunities and the Avenue of Stars definitely belongs to the attractions of Hong Kong.

Garden of Stars

Alongside Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars, there is also the Garden of Stars, which many visitors overlook since its reopening in 2019. Although it is somewhat isolated, it is easily accessible if you roughly know where to find it. At the end of the Avenue of Stars, just after the Starbucks with the Bruce Lee statue, there is a staircase leading upwards. If you take this, you will directly head towards the Garden of Stars.

Hong Kong skyscrapers at the Garden of Stars

The Garden of Stars was originally intended to be a temporary replacement during the renovation of the Avenue of Stars. Many of the statues were also moved back to the Avenue of Stars in 2019, but some have remained. This includes, for example, the statues of the toning engineer, lighting technician or director’s chair, which provide a good photo opportunity with the skyline of Hong Kong Island in the background.

Tobi at the Garden of Stars in Hong Kong

Otherwise, you will find a bit of greenery amidst the skyline and some benches to rest on. If you visit the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong, a short stop could be worth it, provided you want to take advantage of the aforementioned photo opportunity.

Signs to the Avenue of Stars at the Garden of Stars in Hong Kong

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Have you visited the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong? How did you like it and do you have any tips for the Avenue of Stars? We look forward to your comment.