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Hiking in Hong Kong? There are supposed to be hiking trails between all the skyscrapers?! Yes, exactly! 70% of the city are green areas – so there is plenty of space and breathtaking scenery to explore.

Hiking in Hong Kong: 3 Tours

Trail to Dragon's Back near Hong Kong
Trail to Dragon’s Back

Here are 3 different trips. If you are in the metropolis for only a few days, try to pick at least one – it’s worth it! We start with the simplest and probably most famous way.

How to get to Hong Kong

To travel to Hong Kong, there are many options. The most used is certainly the airplane, because not only from the Asian countries, but also from Europe and America there are direct flights to Hong Kong. Various airlines such as Emirates, Finnair, Cathay Pacific fly to Hong Kong and you can get a good overview on Skyscanner. There you can also easily compare prices.

The second option, if you are coming from China, is the train. There are connections to Hong Kong from Shanghai, Guangzhou or even Beijing. The boat would be another variant, e.g. from neighboring Macau, if it was your first destination. For more information about getting to Hong Kong and tickets that you can book conveniently before your trip, check out our partner 12go.asia.

Accommodation in Hong Kong – our hotel tip

Located in the heart of Kowloon, Hotel Ease Mong Kok is just a minute’s walk from the Yau Ma Tei Station on the MTR train. The rooms are spread over 20 floors and offer great views of the city skyline. They are equipped with private bathroom, air conditioning, TV, safe and a small desk. A good starting point to explore Hong Kong.

The Hotel Ease Mong Kok in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Room in the Hotel Ease Mong Kok

Find more hotels in Hong Kong in other parts of Kowloon or on Hong Kong Island here.

1. Dragon’s Back Trail and Big Wave Bay

Now that’s a name for a hiking trail, right?

The Dragon’s Back is a must for many locals as well as tourists if you want to escape from the city. This part is the last of the Hong Kong Trail and runs for 8,5 km. Hiking here is super easy, you only need sneakers. Hiking sticks or something like that can stay at home.

Sign on a hike to Dragon's Back, Hong Kong

At the end of the trail, Big Wave Bay awaits you for some refreshment. As you can imagine, the beach is often frequented by surfers to enjoy some waves. Here you can sunbathe, relax and marvel at the beautiful nature.

View from Dragon's Back at the green surroundings, Hong Kong
View from Dragon’s Back
People at Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong
Big Wave Bay

About the practical part – how do you get there?

Quite simply, you take the MTR. Just get on the blue line towards Chai Wan and get off at Shau Kei Wan. Take exit A3 and from there take bus 9 direction Shek O and get off at To Tei Wan. The hiking trail starts right there. The “most difficult” are the steps at the beginning, after that it continues relatively straight on the back of the “dragon”.

The whole hike is about 8 km long and takes about 2-3 hours, depending on how fast you go. But since you will definitely want to relax on the beach, it is better to plan for the whole day.

On the way you can expect the view of the surrounding islands and lots of greenery. What you should definitely take with you are:

  • plenty of water
  • sunblocker
  • bathing suits
  • food
  • sun protection
  • bug spray

On the route there is not a single kiosk, only in Big Wave Bay you can find something to buy again. So to avoid hunger and thirst, take plenty of snacks and water with you.

Hike in Hong Kong to the Big Wave Bay Village

How do you get back? That’s also easy – from the beach you walk up to the parking lot. There are small mini buses that will take you back to the MTR station Shau Kei Wan. And just like that, you’re back on the blue MTR line.

2. Tai O

Tai O is a small fishing village located on Lantau Island (where the famous Big Buddha can also be found). All houses are built on stilts and it is also called Hong Kong’s Venice. Especially if you like to take unique photos, the village offers the perfect backdrop.

The village Tai O near Hong Kong

There are several ways to get to the fishing village – the longest but also the most exciting is the Tung O Ancient Trail. It starts in Tung Chung and takes you to Tai O. With about 13 km this is a relatively long hiking trail and you should plan the whole day for this trip. The hike itself takes 5-6 hours, depending on how many photos you take along the way.

Hike to the fishing village Tai O, Hong Kong
Hike to the fishing village Tai O

Tai O – how do you get there?

Take the orange MTR line to Tung Chung and take Exit A. Turn left onto Shun Tung Rd, then right onto Yu Tung Rd. Follow the signs to Hau Wong Temple/Tung O Ancient Trail. The temple is the first point of reference. Here you can find the complete hiking trail from the HK Tourism Board.

On the first half of the way you can look at Hong Kong Airport and see one or two, if not hundreds of planes landing and taking off. You see a lot of ocean, green and some interesting insects.

Huge spider on a hike to Tai O village, Hong Kong

Follow the signs to Tai O until you finally arrive in the picturesque fishing village. Here you can take a boat trip or just try local treats. Of course the fish is the highlight here.

Fish in the village Tai O, Hong Kong
Fish in the village Tai O

For the return trip go to the Tai O Bus Terminal. There you take the New Lantau Bus No. 11 back to Tung Chung and jump on the MTR back to the vibrant center.

Also here you should take plenty of water and possibly an umbrella or a cap as it is a longer tour.

Fisherman on a hike to Tai O village

3. Ham Tin Beach

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure and are a camping fan, Ham Tin Beach is the place for you! Situated in Sai Kung Country Park and really away from tourism, you’ll find the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong.

Ham Tin Beach, Hong Kong
View at Ham Tin Beach

How to get to Ham Tin Beach

Getting here is not quite as easy, but definitely doable. First you have to come to Sai Kung Town. There are different options here.

  1. Take the MTR to Chai Hung (Kwun Tong Line) and take exit C1. From there take minibus 1A to Sai Kung Town (approx. 40 min).
  2. Take the MTR to Hang Hau (Kwun Tong Line) and take Exit B. Then take the 101M minibus to Sai Kung Town.
  3. Take the red minibus from Dundas Street in Mong Kok to Sai Kung Town (about 30 min).

If you are now in Sai Kung Town, I recommend you take a speedboat to Sai Wan Beach (about 30 minutes). This costs between 120 and 150 HKD. The boat trip is beautiful and feels slightly adventurous. When you arrive at the beach, you can buy food and rent tents if you don’t have your own.

Boat with tourists arrives at Sai Wan Beach in Hong Kong
Arrival at Sai Wan Beach

If you don’t want to camp directly on this beach, then walk 30 minutes further to Ham Tin Beach, which is even more beautiful. Once there, all you can do is jump into the water and have a BBQ!

On the way from Sai Wan to Ham Tin
On the way from Sai Wan to Ham Tin
Sunrise at Ham Tin Beach, Hong Kong
Sunrise at Ham Tin Beach

You can make your way back the same way you came – by boat (ask in advance when the first and last boat leaves). Another option is to take the picturesque path to the Sai Kung Pavilion. The walk takes 40 minutes and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean. At the pavilion you will catch a taxi to Sai Kung Town or take the bus 29R back (attention, also adventurous!).

Bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen. You can buy food and drinks at Sai Wan Beach, but of course it is always cheaper if you bring your own food.

Hong Kong: Tours and tickets

So, which hiking trip did you decide on? How did you like hiking in Hong Kong? Leave us a comment.