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Bangkok is chaotic, fascinating, sweaty, impressive, all together. Many visitors love the Thai capital and we also like to spend a few days in Bangkok from time to time.

That the metropolis has a lot to offer, is known to anyone who has ever dealt with the sights of Bangkok. Shopping malls, markets, sky bars, temples, excursions. The possibilities are literally endless.

Hotel review: Amari Watergate Bangkok – great location in Pratunam

The Amari Watergate hotel in Bangkok

In this review of the Amari Watergate hotel in Bangkok we will introduce you to the hotel, as you will of course need accommodation for your stay. The selection of hotels in Bangkok is huge and sometimes it can be hard to find the right one. Hopefully, this review will help you make a choice.


Amari Watergate Bangkok is located opposite the Platinum Fashion Mall in the Pratunam district. You can also walk to the Pratunam Wholesale Market, Central World Mall or the Khlong Saen Saep Boat in a few minutes.

Crossing in Pratunam seen from Amari in Bangkok

It is also not too far to the BTS Skytrain Chitlom or Siam on foot and in about 15 minutes you are at the stations. The Amari is very centrally located in Bangkok. You have plenty of dining options in the area and some bars in the evening as well as a night market in front of the Paladium World Shopping Mall.

View from the Amari hotel at the two Baiyoke Towers in Bangkok

Furthermore, the Baiyoke Tower II, which was until recently the tallest building in Bangkok, can be reached by walking in 10 minutes. There you can enjoy the view over Bangkok from the self-rotating 360-degree platform.

As a starting point, I can only recommend the Amari Watergate Bangkok, because it is very easy to get everywhere and you also find many options to eat, shop, etc. in the vicinity.

The Amari Watergate Bangkok

You can see the skyscraper of the Amari already from a distance and when you enter the lobby you feel right at home. The ambience is very quiet and pleasant, despite the plenty of people and the beautiful “chandelier”, which hangs from the ceiling and reflects water droplets, does the rest.

The lobby of the Amari Watergate hotel in Bangkok

In addition to the spa and restaurants described below, the swimming pool is definitely a highlight. The whole landscape of the pool is surrounded by palm trees and flowers, which invites you to linger. There is also a poolside bar that provides drinks.

The poolside bar of the Amari Watergate in Bangkok

The swimming pool of the Amari Watergate hotel in Bangkok

There is also a garden and a fitness center on the same floor. And of course, the view of the two Baiyoke Towers and the surrounding area of Bangkok is beautiful. For me it’s the perfect place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The area of the swimming pool from the Amari Watergate Bangkok

Breeze Spa

If you would like to relax during your stay, a visit to the Breeze Spa, located next to the swimming pool, is highly recommended. The staff is very friendly and helps you to choose the right treatment.

The Breeze Spa of the Amari Watergate Bangkok at the swimming pool

I was invited to try the signature massage myself. It was very relaxing and is also bookable as a couples therapy. But beware, you should make an appointment at least one day in advance, as the Breeze Spa is in high demand and therefore often fully booked.

Room inside the Breeze Spa of the Amari Watergate

Cascade Restaurant and Amaya Café

The Amari Watergate Bangkok has two restaurants. One is the Cascade, which is located directly at the entrance and serves during the day delicious cakes and cafe (in the evening there are selected menus). The kitchen is open daily until midnight.

You can sit either inside with the air conditioner or in the outdoor area on the terrace and watch the street. Also recommended is the mango cake and the brownie, which is a signature dish of the chef. Absolutely delicious.

Cake selection of Cascade Restaurant at Amari Watergate Bangkok
Cascade Restaurant

There is also the Amaya Cafe. The breakfast buffet is served daily at the cafe with a huge selection of dishes like Indian, Thai or Western cuisine. Lots of fresh juices, bread, cold meats, yogurts, just anything you can imagine.

The Market Grill during breakfast in the Amaya Cafe
Breakfast at the Amaya Cafe

Tip: The breakfast buffet is so rich that you should take your time there. That way you can eat enough for the day and skip lunch. Or just have a quick snack on your Bangkok sightseeing tour.

Juices at the breakfast in the Amaya Cafe of the Amari Watergate hotel

The rooms

The Amari Watergate Bangkok offers 569 rooms in the categories deluxe, grand deluxe, executive, executive suite or president suite. The fact that the hotel is so huge, is not really noticeable during your stay.

Executive room in the 32nd floor of the Amari Watergate Bangkok
Executive room

The rooms are of course equipped with everything you can imagine. Comfortable beds, air conditioning, TV, fridge including minibar, free wifi, which I need as a blogger to work and also a desk is included in the larger rooms.

The grand deluxe room of the Amari Watergate Bangkok
Grand deluxe room

All of the rooms have great views of Bangkok and the higher your room is the better the view. Perfect if you want to treat yourself to a nice hotel, which is still not too expensive.

Executive floor

The executive floor is another bonus. It will cost a little more, but there are additional amenities that will make your stay even better.

Breakfast buffet on the executive floor of the Amari Watergate hotel

This includes e.g. a private breakfast buffet in front of the beautiful view of Bangkok. However, it is a little smaller than in the Amaya Cafe, but also much more quiet with just a few guests.

Tobi with the view from the Amari Watergate Bangkok

There will also be free drinks and snacks in the afternoon from 5.00 P.M. to 7.00 P.M. On site you can order a cocktail, eat from the freshly made snacks and enjoy the fantastic view – or just relax. All inclusive.

Snacks and drinks on the executive floor of the Amari Watergate

The small roof terrace of the executive floor is also not to be despised. Not only during the day, but also at night, the view over Bangkok is really fantastic!

The view from the Amari Watergate Bangkok at night


The stay at the Amari Watergate Bangkok has absolutely convinced us. Despite the busy street right in front of the hotel, the Amari is really quiet and you can relax apart from the chaos of Bangkok. The spa and swimming pool are helping with that.

The possibilities in the center of Bangkok are diverse, which means the Amari Watergate is a great base to start exploring the city. But even if you want to stay in the hotel, it will not be boring. Restaurants, cafes, a fitness center, another garden or if you stay on the executive floor also the fantastic view, there is plenty to do.

The rooms were great and we felt comfortable from the very beginning. We would not hesitate to spend another few nights at Amari Watergate in Bangkok. Definitely a personal recommendation.

Book the Amari Watergate Bangkok at Booking.com

Website: www.amari.com

Advertising Notice: We have been invited to stay at the Amari Watergate Bangkok. Opinions are freely written and, as always, our own. We only recommend hotels that we like!

Photo 9 and 14: Amari Watergate Bangkok


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