Philippines: 8 travel bloggers tell their secret tips

Philippines: 8 Travel Bloggers Tell Their Secret Tips

In this article 8 bloggers tell their insiders' tips for the Philippines. A destination in Southeast Asia that is not yet hit by mass tourism.

Gili Islands Video

Welcome Back to the Gilis! (Video)

The video from our second visit to the Gili Islands triggers immediately wanderlust with us. Join us virtually on the Gili Islands.

The best viewpoints and waterfalls on Koh Phangan

The Best Viewpoints and Waterfalls on Koh Phangan

Viewpoints and waterfalls are very numerous on the island of Koh Phangan. In this article, I will introduce you to the best and most beautiful ones.

Kuala Lumpur Video

3 Awesome Days in Kuala Lumpur (Video)

Our travel video from the diverse capital of Malaysia shows you what you can discover on site in 3 days.

Lombok: my favorite and most beautiful 6 beaches

Lombok: My Favorite and Most Beautiful 6 Beaches

Senggigi, Kuta, Gilis and East Lombok: 6 beautiful beaches on Lombok that you should also visit.

Lombok Video

Lombok – From Senggigi to Kuta (Video)

Discover in our very first Lombok travel video some popular places on the island: Senggigi, Kuta and the surrounding areas, as well as many more.

Koh Phangan Temples – The 5 Most Beautiful Temples

Koh Phangan Temples – The 5 Most Beautiful Temples

Koh Phangan has many beautiful temples to offer. In this article I show you my personal 5 most beautiful Koh Phangan temples.

15 things you should experience in Kuala Lumpur

15 Things You Should Experience in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is absolutely diverse and always worth a trip. Read more on which sights of Kuala Lumpur you can visit.

Tiu Teja - the rainbow waterfall in the north of Lombok

Tiu Teja – The Rainbow Waterfall in the North of Lombok

A report from our trip and the hike to the Tiu Teja waterfall in the north of Lombok.

11 facts you should know before your first trip to Thailand

11 Facts You Should Know before Your First Trip to Thailand

Are you traveling to Thailand for the first time? Here are 11 useful facts about Thailand that you should know before your trip.

10 things you should not miss in Singapore

10 Things You Should Not Miss in Singapore

Going to Singapore for a multi-day stopover? Here's our little guide with 10 things that you shouldn't miss in the city.

Ramadan in Indonesia: what you should keep in mind as a traveler

Ramadan in Indonesia: What You Should Keep In Mind as a Traveler

Why you can still travel to Indonesia during Ramadan - with only minor restrictions.